Distance Readings

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*Readings are currently closed until 1 December*

Enquiries are very welcome meantime.

Readings are available by Telephone, Skype and Email.

All readings are by prior arrangement only.

Please make no payments without contacting me first, using the contact form to discuss your question.


The reader reserves the right to decline readings.

You must be over 18. Any request for a reading will be taken as your guarantee that you meet that requirement.

You may not like the answer. I will say what I see, and I will use great care, but this will not necessarily be what you are hoping to hear. In respect of forecasting, only time will tell as to accuracy. The Tarot is an art not a science.

I will not make predictions regarding lottery numbers, deaths, pregnancies or other medical matters. I MAY offer the Tarot’s comments and advice but this is NOT to be taken as prediction. The use you decide to make of your reading is your own personal responsibility.

Please allow up to 7 working days for an Email report, delivered to the email address you have provided.

Reports will be illustrated, and will be not less than 1000 words with all cards drawn by hand. No software is used in my readings.

Telephone/Skype consultations not less than 60 minutes

Payment will be treated as your agreement of these terms of service.


To Make a Secure Payment for a Booking

Distance Readings and Live Consultations

QUESTION AND ANSWER READING WITH GUIDANCE VIA EMAIL, TELEPHONE OR SKYPE. Email Readings not less than 1000 words. Telephone/Skype not less than 1 hour