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1- Question Reading.

For the Tarot's insights about you and your situation, you can purchase an online Question and Answer reading here, paid securely via PayPal. All readings are hand-drawn and done by me personally. I do not use software. Please state a carefully considered, clearly worded question. Indicate gender and day and month of birth if wished. This is not essential but may enhance interpretation. Make payment by clicking below. PLEASE NOTE, I regret I do not accept payment made via e-cheque on PayPal. Expect a clear, CONCISE illustrated response (up to 100 words) in 2-5 days or sooner, workload permitting. Your reading will simply be marked YOUR REPORT and will be delivered as an attachment to the email address provided. Please note, by law all Tarot readings are to be regarded as being for additional information purposes or entertainment only. The reader works to the best of her ability and in sincere good faith but can accept no liability for the use you make of your reading. You should be over 18 to purchase a reading. Booking will be treated as your guarantee of such.