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Cards take a peek at Real Madrid v Juventus…and the General Election

Last week Il Matrimonio asked me to look in my playing cards re the Arsenal v Chelsea Cup Final. See my previous post for the story on that. So later of course, he was curious to know what the cards … Continue reading

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FA Cup Final: Arsene Wenger was the King of Hearts & Cups

Meanings: Mature person, benevolent, an advisor, mentor, king of ceremonies, financial success, abundance. The equivalent card in the Tarot deck is, appropriately enough as his team has won the FA Cup Final, the King of Cups. So we’d just had … Continue reading

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The Well of Wyrd

My readings include forecasts not predictions. What’s the difference? Mainly presentation. Otherwise, very little. Forecasts are associated with technically based weather and economic predicting, nowadays largely based upon the interpretation of masses of computerised data, plus educated guesswork. A prediction … Continue reading

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Psychic Scratching in the Cartomancy Sandbox

Recently I added to my reading mix,  a deck of ordinary playing cards. These have been in use for cartomancy; divination and fortune telling, for at least 400 years longer than the Tarot, and neither one of them began as … Continue reading

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