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Stormy Weather

Can Tarot cards help with forecasting weather, accurately? The short answer is, experience tells me yes, but, and it’s a big but, the question needs a clearly defined context. As in, for example, what kind of weather can be expected … Continue reading

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Zero Intolerance: Don’t Fool With The Fool

When I draw The Fool card in a reading, the Major Arcana card numbered Zero, or in some decks numbered 22, it may classically signify good news; a birth, a welcome opportunity, a fresh start of any significant kind. I … Continue reading

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Inheritance is a meeting point of past, present and future, taking many forms, physical and immaterial. Goods, prospects, genes, ideas. How different in character will the legacy you leave differ or depart from the legacies you have inherited? The Tarot’s … Continue reading

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The Flotsam. Poem Inspired by the Tarot’s Star card.

Andromeda: Public Domain   I had a dream the other night I saw a planet, cobweb white Creaking as it spun around So stiffly at the speed of sound A small pale moon encircled it A ghostly child that clung half … Continue reading

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True Tarot Tales – real life Tarot stories behind the scenes with professional reader Katie-Ellen Hazeldine. Continue reading

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