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Cartomancy: The Queen of Clubs

Actor sprog went to meet with a casting agency yesterday. Sprog has an agent already, and likes that agent very much but 12 months on, there has been nothing as yet; not one send-out, zip, de nada. and just not … Continue reading

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Tarot Says Miaow: A Tale of Two Kitties

It’s a tale of two cats ( and there’s another Miaow Tarot Tale  or two in the archives.)  Daughter Numera Una, Artemis, aka RT who’s 29 and a vet nurse, and a brill one; rang one evening two weeks ago, ‘Mutti, we seem to … Continue reading

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The Queen of Coins: Tarot For A Shop’s Queen.

For twelve years now, I have been reading on an occasional basis for a local business owner; an independent fashion retailer. She has been running her business in Lytham town centre for more than thirty years, and uses my Tarot … Continue reading

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How Does Tarot Reading Work?

    It works by what Jung called synchronicity (see @Tarot Card Philosophy – HowStuffWorks.) The reader uses the imagery and numbers with all their associated symbolism to help them articulate their intuitive impressions more precisely. Tarot is an old … Continue reading

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Have psychics Been Used to Locate Missing Malaysian Aircraft MH-370?

This was written many months ago, amid much public speculation in the psychic community that the flight had been hijacked. My cards could not agree about that. See this sad UPDATE    Theories abound. This is just my take. I looked … Continue reading

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