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She loves him, she loves him not. The Hermit & The Ace of Pentacles

  A sample reading demonstrating these cards in action. Anonymous Question on Quora: Can Anyone Help, Please? The person’s question was ‘Is My Boyfriend a sociopath?’ I drew The Ace of Pentacles. Their Second question¬†was “Will I ever get pregnant?” … Continue reading

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Question on Quora: What Is It Like to Use A Psychic On A Regular Basis?

Response It’s a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. I read for people who’ve been using my service on an intermittent basis since I started in 2002. Hopefully, no-one will feel a need to access psychic readings on … Continue reading

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A Pendulum Prediction: Tunnel Vision

I¬†recently returned from an overseas family vacation driving in Europe, marginally more relaxing than crossing the Alps with Hannibal. OK, it was intense, but let’s keep a sense of proportion. It was nothing like marching with Hannibal. I had scrambled … Continue reading

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