Email Readings

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Sadly, in person consultations are not possible at this time. But the whole point of Tarot is that it operates outside the normal boundaries of space and time.

I have been doing email readings for many years now, both for people I have previously met in person, but very often those I have not, for simple reasons of geography.

Question and Answer Readings


£55.00 securely paid via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. Details provided at the time of billing.

Delivered via email, the Tarot’s clearest possible, confidential, illustrated report, not less than 250 words.

The price is for the work spent in preparing the report. First I meditate upon the question as stated, then draw the cards, most carefully consider the interpretation, and write this up in the clearest possible manner.

For the Tarot’s response and advice in answer to your carefully considered, clearly stated question. The clearer the question, the clearer the terms in which the answer may be presented. I may seek clarification of the question before proceeding.

Tarot is not Astrology. However, there is an element of astrology embedded in the Tarot. It may help me to know your birthday, but this is not essential.

Please give careful consideration to your requirements and expectations.

How may I best help you at this time?

Sometimes you need to make decisions but you don’t have all the information you need, or your heart does not agree with your head. The Tarot can shine a light on the best way forward, but it will not tell you what to do.

I include forecasting, and have a strong record of accuracy. My history suggests 90% in terms of specific outcome forecasts. I do expect to deliver ‘psychic’ hits. BUT your power of choice and action is right here, right now.

My focus is on advice, not interfering with your own personal power of choice and responsibility, and forecasting is not the same as making a solid prediction as to what WILL happen.

Tarot is a way of detecting the most likely outcomes in respect of a given situation, and may be able to suggest the reasons, but it is not a science.

Tarot is a psychic tool for reading your situation, circumstances and concerns. It is a system for helping me sense things about you, past, present and detected future. But the future can change. Change your current track, change train, you may arrive at a different destination.

There are many free Tarot reading sites online. Some are pretty good and by all means give these a try. They may well offer you food for thought, and may give you just what you need. But these are computerized readings. What they can’t do is deliver a personal, specific reading., though you may be able to read between the lines

Terms and Conditions

Please read very carefully

A reading is offered for additional information purposes only. The reader works to the best of her ability and in sincere good faith, but a reading is not a substitute for appropriate specialist professional, legal, medical or financial advice.

The reader may decline a reading for any reason.

In case of cancellation of the request, a refund may be issued at the reader’s discretion. Once the report has been delivered, the work has been done and the reader cannot undertake to issue a refund.

You should be over 18. The reader does not undertake to verify this.

The reader will not make predictions of ill health, death or pregnancy. Comments or guidance MAY be offered but these are NOT to be taken as predictions.

Payment will be taken as your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Please email in the first instance

Tarot is not Astrology. However, there is a lot of astrology embedded in the Tarot. It may help me to know your birthday, but this is not essential.