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Question and Answer Readings

Delivered via email, the Tarot’s clearest possible and confidential guidance in a concise, illustrated written reading, not less than 250 words. This will be the Tarot’s response and advice in answer to your carefully considered, clearly stated question. The clearer the question, the clearer the answer.

One Question per reading.

How may I best help you? Sometimes you need to make decisions but you don’t have all the information you need, or your heart does not agree with your head.

The Tarot can shine a light on the best way forward, but it will not tell you what to do, and sometimes we are too close to a problem, and will need time to fully process the Tarot’s reply.


Price £30.00 securely paid via Paypal.

A link for payment is provided at the time of booking, upon agreement of the reading.

Please make your question clear and specific. A sense of the background helps. But you can share as much or as little background information as you wish. There is a lot of astrology embedded in the Tarot, and it can help the reader to know your birthday, but this is not essential.

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Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully

A psychic Tarot reading is offered for information purposes only. and is not a substitute for appropriate specialist professional legal medical or financial advice.

The reader may decline a reading for any reason. In case of client dissatisfaction, the client should let the reader know immediately, and if the issue cannot be resolved to the client’s satisfaction, an immediate refund may be issued.

You should be over 18.

The reader will not make predictions of ill health, death or pregnancy. Comments or guidance MAY be offered but these are NOT to be taken as predictions.

Payment will be taken as your agreement to these terms and conditions.