Farewell to June…and hello freedom?

To quote Freddie Mercury, “I want to Break Free”

Don’t we all?

Free to do what and be what and become what? Well, we all need the freedom to function such that we can get what we need to survive; the first and last freedom of human justice, though not accorded by Nature as our right.

Ah, shaddap and get on with it.

OK, OK, I’m getting there; chill your beans. This is a running jump, and it’s all connected.

The question today: Will the UK go back into full lock-down?

The Five Swords Page Cups, 3 Coins Reversed, 4 Coins, Justice from The Gilded Tarot Royale, Ciro Marchetti

Tweeted 27 June: Will UK have to go back into full lockdown? Raise in R rate? 5 Swords &Page Cups= We passed peak. 3 Coins=Nation back to work. Rx 4 Swords, but folk still getting ill. Justice. Freedom requires responsibility, rules & regs. May avoid, close thing, hanging in the balance.

The UK has not fully left lock-down. Previous readings in March and April suggested the UK would be largely out of lock-down by or before 21 June-23 July. This was based on the appearance of The Queen of Cups card, which is both a healing card, and a card associated with those dates, attached to the zodiac sign of Cancer.

The UK is currently on track to do just that, with limited family visiting approved from 4 July, and some overseas travel corridors opening up free of quarantine from 6 July, except for those displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

Some UK hotels have announced reopening from 16 July.

But the release of the UK lock-down is conditional upon there being no spike in the R rate above 1.

So what about the cards drawn above?

5 Swords.

This is the premise card and says, this is the situation, these are the stakes, this is where we have been. The 5 Swords is a card of mortification, chagrin and pyrrhic victories. It is a fight that cannot be won, or else is won at too great a cost. This disease was born out of cruelty, with bad husbandry, such that genes became mixed that should never have become mixed, and this first came to the attention of a young doctor in a lab in Wuhan, who wished to sound the alert, and was pretty smartly silenced, only to return to work and die of it himself, infected, it is thought, by a patient whom he had treated, a stallholder in the wet market who carried an extremely high viral load.

The Page of Cups is a healing phase, a more peaceful chapter. It denotes children, and the need to get them back to school for their well being; an attempt which failed in England though schools have now reopened in Wales. It is also the well-being of the economy, as represented by the next card-

The 3 Pentacles Reversed, which has arrived upside down because the economy is running under par. This is a card of study, apprenticeship, crafts, work ethic and production of tangible goods.

The halting of outputs.

Moving forward in time we come to

The Four of Cups: retreat, isolation…and Leicester has just had to go back into both lock-down and isolation as a city owing to a spike there. This card reminds me of Richard 111, his bones discovered there. I could never see him as an evil man, whatever the truth of what happened to the little princes.

Justice is the final card in the Line of Five. It is a hopeful if measured card, and relates back to the first card and the central card in particular, serving as a clear indicator that rules and regulations must stay in place for the foreseeable future.

No justice for the birds

The bees

The beasts and fishes

Insects, flowers

Rivers, hills and trees

Nature ‘red in tooth and claw’

Delivers only natural law.

In summary

This reading translates as a suggestion that the UK may well avoid a return to a full blanket lock-down. We’re not going back to March. But sporadic or localized returns to lock-down may be anticipated, since by now it is apparent that much of the public do not seem inclined or able for whatever reasons, to act on the guidance to practice social distancing, and this has to work on personal responsibility if we want to protect our normal civil liberties.

No rights, no resources, no freedoms without personal, individual responsibilities. Natural Law versus Human Law. It’s the one thing they agree on.

From The Telegraph 29 June:-

Germany, South Korea, China, Portugal, Israel, Singapore and many others have all had localised flare-ups. Widespread testing should mean that they are picked up early. Track and trace systems cut local transmission chains. And the implementation of local mitigation measures should mean such outbreaks remain contained.

This is what cluster busting looks like and is what Britain is now experiencing. It is something we should expect to become the norm for a good few months – perhaps right through to next Spring. How good we become at it will determine how well the pandemic goes from here.

The picture here, then, is both yes and no, from which I conclude there will be no nationwide return to lock-down, but future localised lock-downs are almost certainly to be expected in the UK. Logically this could mean other cities, eg; Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Liverpool, and this could continue into October. Quite possibly, until February/March 2021 (based on Pisces: and previous appearances of The Moon card)

The stages and rates of recovery are clearly going to continue to vary from latitude to latitude, season to season, country to country, custom to custom.

The line of cards, read left to right, translates as a cautiously favourable rising curve, with the worst card at the start and best card coming up last.

Here is a realistic bit of room for hope. Onwards and upwards therefore, and now we’ve seen how this thing behaves, even though there’s still a lot we don’t know, it’s clear this is a shared responsibility. The government’s job is to protect the infrastructure that we rely on to protect us, and the rest is on us to help speed this horror on its way, to weaken it day by day, at cost to our own liberty and convenience, as the alternative to adding to the toll in beggaring the member countries of the UK.

Meanwhile, we are being told that in China, a potentially new threat brews among the saddest of blameless pigs: a new strain of swine flu.

We have the power of choice. We have consumer power. We can give thought to the care of the animals that we eat, to pay a fair price for their betterment.

These things can have adverse implications for us, sooner or later. Collective physical consequences. We may not care what kind of lives or deaths they had, but that won’t prevent the retribution, some might call it divine, which is to say, it is natural cause and effect; a life-power that some call St Francis, patron saint of animals and ecology.

We’ve only one home.

Who remembers this one? The message is prescient.

Next time, ooh, how about Brexit again, and dare I even look at the US Election…Feel free to place questions and requests. I may be up for giving it a go, so long as no-one tries to shoot the messenger, and it’s at my own discretion.

We have another Full Moon eclipse 5 July. Last month’s was intense…here comes another, hopefully quieter. Last month’s was in fiery Gemini, this one in earthy Capricorn. But Capricorn can be obsession, addiction and rage, associated with the Devil card.

Adrenaline is addictive, and these are turbulent days.

Until next time πŸ™‚

Mirror, Mirror in my cards….

Last night we heard that the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson went into hospital for ‘further testing.’

What does this signify?

Social media is a shocker. The sheer venom and schadenfreude of those sitting in judgement, ill-wishing another. There has been so much sad news already. We don’t need more, although more is surely coming.

For those declaring the PM caught it from flouting his own advice, speculation is rife, and it is possible Boris Johnson caught the coronavirus following a meeting with Michel Barnier, who subsequently tested positive and went into self isolation, and I would also wish M Barnier well.

I drew the following playing cards last night about 9.30, asking for the oracular ‘take’ on this unsettling development, and was struck at the way the cards mirrored the facts as reported, though also with an undertow not reported, but which could be inferred by any one of us in contemplating this situation.

Let me briefly explain again for any new visitors on this site: I ask myself a question, the cards are shuffled blind and drawn entirely at random, and I lay them out left to right in a schematic representation which can be read in a number of ways; eg, Past-present-possible future, or I may interpret my line of cards as representing: problem- crisis-resolution.

The first card supplies my baseline, and if it is obviously relevant to the matter in hand, this lets me know if I am on the right track.

I generally use 5 cards but here you will notice I have pulled extra cards, for no particular reason, except as prompted by my intuition, in seeking further clarity.

Cartomancy spread for Boris Johnson 05/04.2020

The Top Row, reading left to right…the outcome is indicated by a combination of the central card and also the final card in the row:

The Ten of Diamonds = Number 10 Downing Street

The Three of Swords = pain of separation, Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson, perhaps also a reference to the PM’s recent divorce.

The Queen of Spades= Carrie Symonds. Experiencing considerable stress, as one might imagine, and we know she has also been ill. This also refers to other family, BJ’s mother, and to his former wife, Marina who has had some very serious health difficulties. BJ is mindful of all three.

The Ace of Spades Reversed: Crux of the matter. Spades is the suit of Air. An Ace is a breath. It suggests Boris became breathless, and it was this that necessitated the removal to hospital. Further testing may therefore suggests testing for a subsequent bacterial infection…possible secondary pneumonia and a possible need for antibiotics. I heard mention today of oxygen therapy for Boris, and if this is correct, it would seem to support that interpretation. The Ace of Spades is notorious as the card of endings. But reversed, it additionally suggests this is ‘not the end.’

The King of Spades is Boris himself; a Gemini subject, a king of the suit of Air. Mercurial, so intellectually agile, his speech cannot always keep up, and his capabilities may be mistrusted, misjudged or underestimated. He is buoyant, some might say, and indeed they do, unduly so, and his resilience in based in a native physical energy and a temperamentally innate optimism.

Two of Clubs: well it is serious, but it is not the Ten of Spades. That is an utter stinker of a card…it might only mean a migraine (only!) but it can be worse than the Death card – which when it denotes real, actual human mortality (and often it does not) refers to a natural, timely passing, in my experience

I am a sceptical psychic practitioner, and that is not mutually exclusive except in binary thinking. I am extremely conscious that young, strong people are succumbing to this horrible viral pneumonia, and if we hear the PM is on a ventilator, well, it’s bleak news indeed,but others have come back from that. This reading is mirroring what we already know, which serves to illustrate the synchronicity that happens in a reading….the common experience of an apparently random but oddly meaningful coincidence.

The Bottom Row

The Joker: This card is representing both the ‘wild card’ of the coronavirus, and also the Prime Minister himself. The Joker or the Fool as it is known in Tarot is not to be mistaken for a fool in the sense of stupidity. The Joker is the most powerful and most numinous card in the playing deck, just as the Fool is in a tarot deck. There is no predicting the Joker. It is the ultimate Fate card; the hand of destiny.

The Ace of Hearts Reversed: Loss of wellness, sadness and worry, concern for a child (or in this case existing children and a new baby on the way)

The Ace of Diamonds: This is a positive card when read in it’s own right, indicative of medical diagnostic expertise. Read in conjunction with the Seven of Diamonds, I read it as ‘fever/contagion’.

The King of Diamonds means a doctor, and probably refers to one or more medical advisers currently in attendance.

The King of Clubs refers to another doctor, and also a senior government figure being kept closely briefed (Clubs = the business of government)

The Three of Clubs There is a key team at work here; an inner team of 3 government figures keeping close counsel.

Let’s turn to my Tarot cards….better pictures. So read us a story, morning glory.

From The Legacy of The Divine Tarot, artist Ciro Marchetti

Card 1: The Ace of Pentacles Reversed = head of government absent, someone left home, the physical body is topsy-turvy, one cannot eat, business is not as usual. Money is lost. Sadly true for too many.

Card 2: The Fool. Aha, Here we have another face of The (totally serious) Joker. Boris Johnson, and look, he has his little dog Dylan right there with him. He has been a bit ‘out of it’ with this fever.

Card 3: The Six of Swords; a solemn undertaking, a journey into the unknown. Styxian, but I strongly relate to this card, and based on past experience of this card, more often than not it signifies the road to recovery. Time frame 6 days-6 weeks.

This morning I read an ominous prognostication via an esteemed colleague on Twitter, Kyra Oser; a psychic tarot reader in the US :

Fasting Fridays for Future@KyraOser
Β· Today’s #Tarot: Tower, Devil R, 4 of Pentacles R This week brings the fall of more than one leader. The demise will come in threes. Mass unemployment of millions more will expose the greed of extreme wealth. The systems of past times will be overturned in an economic revolution.

Kyra does not name names, and she is quite right. Those cards are utter stinkers. I tend to be a sunny side up reader. I could be entirely wrong about that too, but if I have bad news to share with one of my clients, that is different. They have sought out the reading, I am trying to identify the answer to their question, and I am also working to identify their options in any given situation.

As with medicine, the aim in card reading is to do no harm. This looks as though it could be very tough.

All the very best to the PM, and to you too at this deeply unsettling time.

Update: 20: 30 and the PM has gone into special care.

The Norse runes in question: Elhaz/Elk, (protection) Uruz/Auroch (strength), Eihwaz/Yew (regeneration)

Until next time πŸ™‚