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Tarot Says, Eat Yer Greens!

A client had parted company from a boyfriend . This was indicated by the appearance of the King of Cups Reversed, and Page of Cups Reversed. The lady said it had happened two years previously, and there had been no … Continue reading

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Bored Boy, Busy Boy, The 4 of Cups And 8 of Coins

During a reading the other day, with a delightful client; charming, brave and resourceful, we looked first at a number of questions focussed on her two businesses. Then the conversation moved to children’s activities and prospects, and in respect of … Continue reading

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The King Of Swords Had A Kukri

My brother and his wife were selling their house. The Moon card reflected, amongst other more specific things, their uncertainty about when it might sell and where they would go next. It had been on the market the previous year … Continue reading

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Practical Tarot:The Chariot

I find a 4 card spread is a neat but comprehensive¬†way of quickly opening a reading, I think of it as ‘taking someone’s temperature’ Tarot-style… North card. Material Affairs, home, work, health etc West Card: Relationships, spiritual matters, mood. South … Continue reading

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A Devil Of A Tarot Tantrum!

Jung coined a phrase to describe how he thought tarot worked: ‘synchronicity.’¬† Something in the reader connects with something in the cards. The cards are shuffled blind and drawn at random. However, synchronicity proposes that actually the selection isn’t random; … Continue reading

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