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Psychic Scratching in the Cartomancy Sandbox

Recently I added to my reading mix,  a deck of ordinary playing cards. These have been in use for cartomancy; divination and fortune telling, for at least 400 years longer than the Tarot, and neither one of them began as … Continue reading

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She loves him, she loves him not. The Hermit & The Ace of Pentacles

  A sample reading demonstrating these cards in action. Anonymous Question on Quora: Can Anyone Help, Please? The person’s question was ‘Is My Boyfriend a sociopath?’ I drew The Ace of Pentacles. Their Second question was “Will I ever get pregnant?” … Continue reading

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The Ace of Stoats, Or Maybe Ferrets

Il Matrimonio had gone out, Dad’s taxi service, collecting Brat No 2 from the pictures.  Or maybe it was the pub, because 35 minutes later, it had taken a r-ather long time for this errand. What was occurring? I pulled … Continue reading

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