True Tarot Tales – real life stories behind the scenes. Watch the Tarot at work with UK reader Katie-Ellen Hazeldine.


Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Welcome to True Tarot Tales!

I am a practitioner of divination. I use my cards as well as runes and other divinatory tools to look at people and situations, investigating clients questions, analysing situations, evaluating strategies and options, sourcing answers and forecasts (estimates and predictions) in respect of specific personal, professional or business situations.

But how does it work?

Read on, watching Tarot and other forms of divination at work, close-up in real-life situations. I will tell you what I can, as best I can about how this psychic reading thing works in the modern world, how it works in practice, although always within the boundaries of confidentiality and ethics. Many of these readings are personal. Those that involve others are shared with permission, but with identities thoroughly disguised.

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Meanwhile- suitably numinous 🙂 – here is a video introduction to the Tarot, introduced by His Illustrious Numinousness himself, Sir Christopher Lee, RIP.

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