True Tarot Tales Book Corner

Advanced Tarot Secrets Volume 2, Dusty White, Brenda Judy, etc,


A thoughtful, useful reference book and workbook for readers who know the basics and are ready to really up the ante with their fluency.


The Gilded Tarot Book & Deck by Barbara Moore, Illustrated by Ciro Marchetti

One of my most frequently used decks. Friendly and accessible to users and clients.



Teach Yourself TAROT by Naomi Ozaniec (Teach Yourself Books)

This was one of my own early study books. The card meditations are good, using a story telling approach to help you memorise and internalise the archetypes of the Majors and court cards in particular. Learning Tarot is rather like uploading a programme, to start with. Once uploaded, experience will start to customise your interpretations.



Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack.

Product Details

An accessible and greatly respected modern Tarot classic. 78 cards make a Tarot deck, each with its own micro-library of ideas and cultural, archetypal references. 


Secrets of Tarot by Annie Lionnet

untitled  A beautifully presented and produced pocket- sized introduction to the Tarot, published by Dorling Kindersley.  It covers a wide territory; the history of Tarot, its uses, card meanings, themes running through the Tarot and card layouts or spreads.  Sample readings are included to demonstrate spreads.

Putting The Tarot To Work  by Mark McElroy.

Product DetailsAn everyday  guide to using Tarot cards with an emphasis on the work place:  Tarot for problem solving, decision making and career planning. A completely accessible read for non-tarot readers, but you might want a deck of your own so you can join in and try a few things for yourself. It won’t appeal to occultists perhaps. I hate the louche cover design, but it’s esoterically un-snobbish and it  offers a lively crash course in practical everyday usage, so it gets my vote. 


Tarot For The Healing Heart by Christine Jette

 Product DetailsA rather beautiful, sombre look at using the Tarot for facing, understanding and getting a use-able handle on coping with or surmounting the difficult feelings everyone experiences from time to time. Suitable for self-help, and for thoughts on reading for others currently experiencing major emotional difficulty or managing chronic health difficulties. 


Professional Tarot: The Business Of Reading, Consulting & Teaching, Christine Jette.

Product Details

This book, while aimed at the US market and therefore written in cognisance of US laws and licences regarding professional tarot reading, is full of great common sense help if you’re starting out professionally. It can be by definition, such a solitary pursuit, a few friendly pointers can make all the difference in minimising mistakes at the outset.  It has useful glossaries at the back.


 The Power of The Pendulum by T.C Lethbridge

Power of Pendulum Lethbridge  A fascinating classic work on the subject of dowsing, and in particular, pendulum dowsing. I use pendulums sometimes, in combination with Tarot cards, for pinning down yes or no answers.

Pendulum Power, Greg Nielson & Joseph Polansky.

A quirky, accessible, characterful book, full of anecdote and diagram illustration, and introducing the principles and applications of pendulum divination or radiesthesia.

Dowsing For Cures, Wilma Davidson

Product Details

Packed with interesting health and medical facts, a valuable resource for anyone interested in discovering more about the potential health research applications of pendulum divination, tapping your own intuition.

ESP: Beyond Time & Distance by TC Lethbridge

ESP Lethbridge

TC Lethbridge who died in 1971, was a Cambridge trained archaeologist who used dowsing or as it’s also commonly called, water-witching, using divining rods on digs. He became increasingly interested in divining with pendulums, exploring  paranormal phenomena, which he approached with a mix of scientific discipline and logic, and extraordinary, unprejudiced perception.

Watch this space. More coming soon….

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