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I am based in Lancashire in the UK, but can read for you wherever you are by email, telephone or Skype, while readings are available in-person if you are local. All readings are by arrangement or appointment and I require a minimum of 24 hours notice.

The most useful kind of psychic reading boils down to this: What might be your best response, choice or plan faced with a challenging situation? (And why?)

I use Tarot to help identify that best response or strategy.  My readings take nothing away from free will. The aim is only to support you in moving ahead with greater clarity and confidence, avoiding costly false steps, saving you energy, stress or even money.

The word ‘psychic’ simply means ‘breath’ or ‘soul’ deriving from the ancient Greek ‘psyche’ and ‘psychikos.’ The same root gives us the word, ‘psychology.’

I prefer a clearly stated question. I can read for you without it, but I might pick up anything, and a question gives me a target to aim at.  I am not a fortune-teller and though feedback suggests I am 90% accurate in terms of forecasting, no guarantees can be made, and if you are more worried or uncomfortable about the idea of a Tarot reading than you are interested and curious, it is better not to book a reading.


Telephone, Skype and Face to Face Consultations

Online Email Reading; One Question: £15.00
45 minute Telephone/Skype or In Person consultation: £35.00
60 minute consultation:  £45.00

Payment is via Direct Bank Transfer, details provided at the time of booking. Payment is also accepted by PayPal.

See also the On-line Reading page. There is a live PayPal button there for purchasing an online email reading.

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