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I am based in Lancashire in the UK, but can read for you wherever you are by email, telephone or Skype, while readings are available in person if you are local. All readings are by arrangement or appointment.

The most useful kind of psychic reading boils down to this: What might be your best response, choice or plan faced with a challenging situation? (And why?)

I use Tarot to help identify that best response or strategy.  My readings take nothing away from free will. The aim is only to support you in moving ahead with greater clarity and confidence, avoiding costly false steps, saving you energy, stress and often, even money.

The word ‘psychic’ simply means ‘breath’ or ‘soul’ deriving from the ancient Greek ‘psyche’ and ‘psychikos.’ The same root gives us the word, ‘psychology.’

I prefer a clearly stated question, like a briefing, I can read without it, but I might pick up anything, and a question gives me a target to aim at.  I am not a fortune-teller. To enable me to deliver the most useful reading possible please use to the fullest this opportunity for a most unusual exchange and dialogue. 

Feedback suggests I am 95% accurate in terms of forecasting, but no guarantees can be made, and if you are more uncomfortable about the idea of a reading than you are interested and curious, ready to use it with discrimination, it is better not to have a reading.

Readings & Prices

Consultations are available by arrangement, afternoons, early evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

In-person readings are payable at the close of the reading. Readings by email, telephone and Skype are payable in advance securely via PayPal or direct Bank transfer. 

Payment details are provided at the time of booking.

Email Readings

For maximum precision of reply, email a clearly worded question, with your first name, date of birth, and the email address you wish me to use for reply. I will send your reading as a Word attachment, within 7 working days of receiving payment notification from PayPal.  Depending on workload I will endeavour to reply within 3 working days. Reply is sometimes possible within a few hours.

I decline to answer email questions to do with the timings of future pregnancies or deaths. These questions are so heavily loaded, email is not an appropriate medium for their discussion, and while  Tarot may well detect such timings, at least approximately,  no reader is infallible, and just because a question may be answered, does not mean that it is responsible for the reader to attempt it.

Yes or No Reading: £7.00:  Clear but concise, based on 1-3 cards
Single-Question Reading: £25.00, more in depth, based on 8 + cards

Telephone, Skype and Face to Face Consultations

30 minute consultation:  £25.00
45 minute consultation:

60 minute consultation: £45.00
75 minute consultation:  £60.00

Psychic Business/Industry consultations re website/publication content & Marketing are £125.00 per hour.







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