Tarot Poetry

The Sunflower

Is inspired by The Sun and Star cards. Leo and Aquarius.

The sunflower is a story of all of us.

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

Sunflower stands and tracks the Sun
From Dawn until Apollo's gone
Towards the light her body leant
In upward focus, still, intent
A patient and a hopeful eye
Is watching for a kindly sky
With countless other suns of earthly gold
Their arms outstretched for light's sure hold
And rich with cargo, every one
Built strong with sugar from the Sun.

Alone they stand in fields of fellowship
Hands asking to receive
Yet with no strength to grip
And etched with frosts and winds of Loss
But comfort comes with Hesperus
The Evening Star's deliverance
At dawn becomes the Morning Star
A phoenix resurrected from afar
And ancient suns long cold and gone
Still shine to say the story isn't done.