Surveillance, Spies and the Seven of Swords

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I dreamed last night I was in a darkened room by an open window; a white voile curtain fluttering, billowing in the breeze. I don’t know if I was trying to get in or out. Possibly out, but someone else was there, preventing me.

From the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Ciro Marchetti

It was a Tarot dream. That was a pretty close representation of the Seven of Swords there; the card of diplomacy and deceit, strategy and stealth, surveillance and sabotage, fraud and theft.

Often though, it is simply about the need for tact and discretion, and do we really think we could function in any relationship,intimate, familial, professional or public if we always said exactly what we really thought at any given moment in the interests of you know, honesty and transparency.

Wouldn’t life be so much smoother, better and happier for everyone if we did just that? Said what we wanted, how we wanted, when and where we wanted? All in the name of Truth. Anyone who thinks so please queue here. Your very own flying pig will be delivered as soon as pigs can fly. And please, no pushing in the queue.

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Politicians are often accused of dishonesty, but in the real world the truth is so rarely black and white except at the most mundane level.

Is the Seven of Swords alerting me that somewhere deep down I suspect someone of telling me porky-pies or trying to nick my personal data or credit card information? It has warned me before – correctly, but sadly I understood too late to prevent it.

And sure, my security software keeps blocking a suspicious domain about 20 times a day. Always the same one. Which reminds me, if you are in the UK you can report suspicious email accounts here: Avoid and report internet scams and phishing:

Perhaps I ought to give that dodgy site a closer look next time it pops up, and grass it up to the gov.

Back to that open window in my dream. I remembered. I drew that card only yesterday, and my sleeping mind must simply have been processing that event. Though I drew plenty of other cards yesterday, so why did this one stick with me, rather than the others?

I think it’s to do with the furore surrounding the movements during lock-down of UK government aide and advisor to the UK Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings (for the benefit of readers outside the UK. )

Mr Cummings has been accused by the mainstream media, and in other quarters of having breached lock-down guidelines two months ago by driving himself, his wife and small son up from London to his home in Durham to be nearer a family support network in case of emergency. His wife had been ill with covid19, and now he felt that he too was becoming ill. Later his wife wrote that he had indeed, been extremely ill.

My mind must have been working on this while I was asleep, possibly trying to decide what I felt about the appearance of the Seven of Swords in this context.

Tweeted this morning 26 May

Seven of Swords. Strategy, stealth, surveillance, secrets. Often, but not necessarily sinister. Diplomacy or deceit? Ever had to avoid a gossip or a nosey neighbour, not telling them your business in safeguarding a loved one’s privacy? Then this was you. #Tarot IMG Ciro Marchetti

I already did a bit of card reading and pendulum dowsing back on Sunday, to see if it looked as though Dominic Cummings would either resign or be removed from his post, and it looked like a probable no, at least not in the short term, although there was nothing remotely triumphalist about this.

Why do I say that? I drew the 3 of Cups reversed. A card of ANTI celebration. This represents his household, understandably stressed, as one would imagine, placed under such a state of unanimously hostile siege. Nice for the neighbours too – the real neighbours.

Whataboutery. There is plenty of it about. Ian Blackford has been leading the charge, but did he take covid19 up to Skye with him in March? And Stephen Kinnock, etc etc. Stones and glass houses everywhere you look.

And it is easy to see plots where there may be none. The Seven of Cards is about state secrets as well as personal secrets. It is about covert surveillance and espionage, and sometimes this is wrong or criminal, but at other times the ends justify the means. As in, for instance, patient confidentiality. That would also fall under this card.

I do not presume to know anything more than anyone else. We will all form our own judgements, but I do see the anti-Leave lobby continues active, is extremely powerful, monied and well connected, and has not given up that fight. This extraordinary public health situation may seem to someone to present an opportunity not to be missed, to get rid of Dominic Cummings, with the UK still in transition and with key discussions upcoming in June.

The media reporting of this story has seemingly been deliberately calculated to weaponize not only the grief of the bereaved who were not present with their loved ones at the time of death, but their worries and doubts. Did THEY do the right thing by their loved ones? If others did things differently, pushed or broke ‘the rules,’ and it is judged that they did right by their family, does this now mean they did wrong by theirs?

No, it doesn’t mean that. Not for one minute. But the very idea would be beyond bearing, and that demands a scapegoat. It seems Dominic Cummings opponents have understood this perfectly well, and have been aiming directly for that bulls eye, and the MSM whether wittingly or not, are certainly pushing that angle.

If you dislike, or disagree with or disapprove of Dominic Cummings, you may feel this is all perfectly OK,. But even if you don’t, or you’re not sure, you might feel this is not fair play, or something’s not quite adding up…on both sides of the argument.

I can’t help wondering if he is not protecting not only his wife, son, parents and of course himself, but something else he cannot discuss – is not free to do so…could it possibly be to do with something that is happening in Barnard Castle ?

I have learned through previous readings that aside from the traditional list of meanings, which is obviously in need of updating so that the Tarot keeps up with modern life, the Seven of Swords is also THE card of statistics, data collection and modelling, and medical testing and research.

Should this be anything at all to do with the matter of that particular journey- and if and when there is a sufficiently safe and effective vaccine for #covid19, would you want to have it, yourself?

Stay careful.

Until next time πŸ™‚

See comments for more.

Author: Katie-Ellen

Tarot, runes and cartomancy. Reader, consultant and writer.

7 thoughts on “Surveillance, Spies and the Seven of Swords”

  1. To us over here in Australia, the Cummings affair looks like your classic One rule for the privileged, Another for the rest of us. But we are a simple people. 😊
    Your point about Barnard Castle is interesting …


    1. Hello there Danielle πŸ™‚ Readers are of course completely free to disagree with everything I say. Just as I would never presume to tell anyone else what to think, or to tell them they are wrong, either.

      Here on this blog I talk about my cards and demonstrate how I interpret them. It might be something personal and minor, but I am blogging to show HOW a reader uses cards in looking at specifics in the real world. If readers agree with nothing else, the card meanings still stand, of the Seven of Swords. Subjectivity enters into interpretation, of course. A human reader is not the same as a software programme, but the card itself is drawn entirely at random and in a specified context.

      I’m one of the ‘simple’ people myself, in a wheelchair and at high risk on immune suppressing medication. Grown up children, training stalled for one, the other a key worker in a pharmacy, her husband furloughed. I have not left my home since 1 March or seen my parents since Christmas, 2 hours up the road. I come from Durham and my parents live near Barnard Castle.

      This story is certainly being presented as such. A Them and Us story. Guaranteed to trigger maximum public fury, especially for the grieving. But but there is another game in play and a very cruel one at that, using the grieving of the covid dead as a trojan horse,

      I just saw this, half an hour ago on twitter: “We’ll have Cummings out by Monday, then we’ll lean on Tory backbenchers to extend, and by 2020 it will be Brexit in Name Only”. -Simon Gregory.

      This person has already removed his account, or changed the handle on his name. I’ve saved the tweet and imagine it will shortly be removed or otherwise disappear. Many will agree with him, and support that too, those who voted to Remain and cannot accept the decision to leave. It’s a free country, he can say what he likes. But that’s what makes this a potentially wider issue for democracy in the UK. Hence a matter of state as in the Seven of Swords….and BTW… I’m not a Tory πŸ™‚ Though I’m not knocking them, and it was the so-called simple people who voted to leave by a definitive majority. Which the govt is therefore now committed to deliver.


  2. Hello, Katie-Ellen! I have also got that data phishing mail every day recently quite much πŸ€” And I cannot log into my bank -account normally. (writing my bank’s name to the address bar. I manage to go to my bank by Googling my bank’s name, + website. Thank you for this warning, I have also got some strange followers recently. Let’s keep our eyes open, and be careful. These are times of thieves, really. Awesome article, thank you so much 🌸 🌸 🌸


    1. Strange times, very anxious times for people, a lot of very sad people, and angry too. Stay on guard,my friend. There’s a funny feeling going on and it may last a few more weeks yet, to do with this seven of swords mood, and possibly affecting internet security. Astrologers link it to Mercury retrograde and other things, and suggest it may continue till August.
      A lot of people online more as well. It’s an extra load on the system too, I expect.

      Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment.


  3. Ok this is so weird. I was searching for “tarot cards that represent government or spying”. And maybe I sound like a crack head, but I’m not. Soo late at night there are always birds chirping in my neighborhood. I’m talking like morning birds chirping all night and my boyfriend and I joked one time that it’s the feds watching lol. Tonight the birds are insanely loud. Crows and owls outside My apartment, songbirds, sooo much bird activity. It’s 1 in the morning! So I asked my cards why are the birds chirping at night. I got 7 of swords and 8 of cups. I’m using light seers tarot, look at the 8 of cups card and how much it looks like the top picture on this article. WTFFF. I’m asking for more I was just shocked to find this article.


    1. πŸ™‚ Typical of Tarot….and I think street lighting or car headlights confuse the birds too. Not good for them. Thank you for reading and taking time to share your observations.


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