I’m a professional Tarot reader but also work as a professional freelance writer, writing Tarot-related content, features and articles for various clients, and with other writing published, including short fiction, flash fiction and verse.

I’ve always been a bookworm. Books are a form of travel, flying carpets.

Psychic divination, reading and writing. Story-finding, story-telling and story- processing, it comes from the same place within us all.

Besides professional non-fiction writing, I have had short fiction, flash fiction and verse published digitally and in print, in anthologies and magazines, including, but not exhaustively, Ask Astrology, Attune Magazine, Crack The Spine Magazine, Litro Magazine, The Literary Review, and others.

I have written a finished novel, a modern coming of age story with added ghosts, inspired by the ancient Greek myth and the story of Charon the Ferryman. A grieving young policeman is desperate to lay the dead to rest and move on with his life, but ancient legends do not lie and the dead do not lie down.

Source: Wikipedia: Charon on the Styx, Joachim Patinir, 1520-24, Prado, Madrid.

I have another novel in progress, and as per usual with this novel writing activity, there are files containing failed, shelved or simply dormat experiments.

Writing fiction is a solitary activity, and that is how I like it, at least when it comes to the drafting, if not the editing, but I am actively involved in one writing hangout, the very friendly…and international writing community at Litopia.

I scout for special guests -authors, agents or publishers, for Pop-Up Submissions, a weekly video podcast show hosted by London literary agent Peter Cox. I sometimes appear myself as a panellist on the show.

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I have had poems published in a number of book anthologies and regional magazines and online publications. Below is my first ever published poem, ‘Compute Awe’, published in the Literary Review.



Designed a World in RAM and ROM

The Programme’s called Till Kingdom Come

No viruses have crashed it yet

Designed by TheDevil@Helldotnet

Old Nick the Hacker means to win

So far he’s failed; we’re still plugged in

And hear the God-computer hum

The universal sound of ‘Om’

Creation real and unpretending

In countless files with files still pending

From here to nebulas most far

 From single cell to giant star

For all a life from birth to death

And in-between its every breath

Our highest inspiration

And spirit’s destination

The ROM His Universal Laws

The RAM means; choices, chances, flaws

And Life that cannot be destroyed

Its bits and bytes just re-deployed

In awe we stand, in hope we pray

The Programme runs till Judgment Day.

Published Non- Fiction 2019 (selection)

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