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Public Domain: Circe by Waterhouse


The Well of Wyrd

She sits alone; she is casting stones

Disposing glyphs on graven runes

No even numbers speak the Norns

Wyrd runs water; she must deal

In whisperings and Fates unsealed

Winds of fortune shape and shatter

Time, disposing of all matters

Is Serpentine, the ouroboros

Endless, rolling, still coils sinuous.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, 2018

A Tarot deck is a storybook containing the totality and also the uniqueness of the human experience. Tarot tells true stories about you or me or humanity in general.

Books. Books. I love reading my cards, and I love reading books, and I do a fair bit of writing of various kinds. I write this blog of course, but I write Tarot and related articles, and verse, flash fiction, short fiction and novel length fiction, with work so far published in a number of online and print publications and anthologies.Time and energy is precious for everyone. Mostly I work and write alone, but my favourite, and in fact my only writer’s on-line hangout is the very friendly, easy-going…and increasingly international writing community at Litopia

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A very recent show here with Litopia’s very special guest, novelist, author, columnist – and fellow tarot reader Daisy Waugh.