Writing – and Litopia

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Books. Books. I love my cards and I love reading. I love books. I do a bit of writing of various kinds. I write this blog of course, True Tarot Tales, but I also write or edit Tarot- related content for online magazines and companies offering live psychic reading services. I wrote the English language content for a global Tarot app.

I write verse and short fiction, some of it published, and I’ve written a first novel for adults; a contemporary supernatural mystery set in the UK, featuring a young policeman; a psychic medium on a personal rescue mission.

My favourite, and in fact my only writer’s on-line hangout is the very easy-

going…and increasingly international Litopia

If you’re a writer in whatever fiction genre, or if you write non-fiction, why not wander over and take a look? It’s free to join though there are also paid subscription options. You could pay as much or as little as you like and can afford. Litopia is otherwise entirely financed and maintained by its founder, our resident literary agent Peter Cox.

We run live events on Sunday evenings at 6 PM  (GMT) available to watch on Litopia on Facebook or Youtube.

You can view yours truly nattering away, talking words, scatalogical and otherwise, sitting in as an occasional panellist.

Watch Here

If you’re a writer, or just a massive book worm, please do join us and listen in live or recorded when Pop Ups start again after a summer recess on 23 September 2018 live at 6.00 PM (GMT)

Until next time 🙂