Writing Activities

Besides writing here on my blog, I’m a professional freelance writer, writing Tarot-related content, features and articles for Tarot and astrology sites, and with other writing published, including short fiction, flash fiction and verse digitally and in print, in anthologies and magazines, including, but not exhaustively, Ask Astrology, online with Astrologer Jessica Adams, Attune Magazine, Crack The Spine Magazine, Litro Magazine, The Literary Review, and others. .

I have written a finished novel. A grieving young policeman is an awakening psychic medium on a lonely quest to make peace with the past and lay the dead to rest. But legends lie and the dead don’t lie down. Maybe it will see the light of day in due course. And as per usual with this novel writing activity, there are files containing failed, shelved or otherwise dormant experiments.

I’ve always been a bookworm. Books are not only for study and enjoyment, they are a form of travel, flying carpets. Time travel too.

Psychic divination, reading and writing. Story-finding, story-telling and story- processing, it comes from the same place within us all.

Deep down in the well.

Writing is a solitary activity, but for some years I have been actively involved in one particularly friendly and sociable online writing hangout, the international writing community at Litopia.

I am a scout and associate at Pop-Up Submissions, a weekly video podcast show hosted by London literary agent Peter Cox.

I am a regular contributor at Ask Astrology. com