Besides writing here on her blog, Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is a professional freelance writer of Tarot, Astrology and other related content. She has also had short fiction, flash fiction and poetry published digitally and in print anthologies and magazines. These have included though not exhaustively, Ask Astrology, Tarot features with Astrologer Jessica Adams, Attune Magazine, Crack The Spine Magazine, Litro Magazine, The Literary Review and others.

Katie-Ellen got the writing bug in 1987 after being asked to illustrate and co-author an independently published collection of alternative fairy tale flash fiction. The project began as a group endeavour to entertain an old family friend who had sadly, been diagnosed with terminal cancer: and then the project grew, resulting in the independent publication of ‘Tales of Our Times’

Katie-Ellen treasures a letter from the author Doris Lessing who had received a complimentary, describing the stories as ‘funny, quirky and apt.’

Most recently, Katie-Ellen wrote an article published December 2021 in an astronomy anthology, Stars Of Orion, An Astronomy Special, Hosted by the Hunter

Katie-Ellen wrote a commissioned poem, ‘Calling Charon,’ published in a US poetry anthology, also published December 2021, Immortal Hymns.

Novel writing

Katie-Ellen is seeking publication for a novel, a contemporary ghost story for adults, 80 k.

Young policeman Sunny Adam is a psychic medium on a lonely mission to lay the dead to rest. But legends don’t lie and the dead don’t lie down. Until his brother is at peace, there can be no peace for Sunny either. What coin must he pay to summon Charon, the ferryman of the Farthest reach ? Where to find it? How to pay?

Meanwhile there is the day job, a witch’s cat, a disturbed former soldier of Helmand who hates his guts, and Petra, the ambulance driving girl with a ghost of her own.

But the quest comes first. The arm of the law is long, but this is going to take the farthest reach of all…

Photo by Felipe Helfstein on Pexels.com

Katie-Ellen said, ‘We’re all on the road together but one way and another there is no-one who does not at some time experience loneliness. We have our shared stories, often starting with fairy tales when we’re small, and then we have our own, personal stories, or the stories we tell ourselves about our own lives. The power of myth is in its collective ancestral wisdom tapping the entirety of human experience, helping us to see ourselves in a greater context, helping us make sense of our own stories. This novel started with my own psychic experiences. Some, though not all of the story hero’s experiences, I have experienced myself. But after all, they do say truth is stranger than fiction.’

‘And on the road are you and me.’



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