Besides her blog, Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is a professional freelance writer of Tarot, Runes, Astrology and other, related content. She has also had short fiction, flash fiction and poetry published digitally and in print anthologies and magazines. These have included, though not exhaustively, Ask Astrology, Tarot features with Astrologer Jessica Adams, Attune Magazine, Crack The Spine Magazine, Litro Magazine, The Literary Review and others, most recently an article published in Stars Of Orion, illustrated below, December 2021 and a commissioned poem, ‘Calling Charon,’ was also published December 2021, Immortal Hymns. a US poem anthology.

Katie-Ellen is open to specialist writing opportunities on subjects including Tarot. Please enquire directly re possible writing services.

Novel writing

A young policeman is a psychic medium on a lonely mission to lay the dead to rest. He’s desperate to move on, but legends don’t lie and the dead don’t lie down. Until his brother is at peace, there can be no peace for Sunny either. What coin for Charon, the ferryman of the Farthest reach ? Where to find it? How to pay?

The arm of the law is long, but this is going to take the farthest reach of all…

Photo by Felipe Helfstein on Pexels.com



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