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I’m an intuitive consultant in the UK, reading remotely for individuals and businesses. I use Tarot cards, playing cards and old Norse runes for divination, counselling and forecasting purposes.

What I do is not fortune- telling done for entertainment, though I really hope a reading will be entertaining and enjoyable. My focus is on delivering a useful reading in respect of current questions, issues and concerns, investigating options and scenarios with a weather eye on possible future outcomes.

I use my cards, runes and other divination tools as as a pictorial extension of my instincts about you and your situation; psychic antennae, if you will, and direct this for investigating questions, analyzing situations, evaluating strategies and options, and formulating forecasts (estimates and predictions) in respect of specific questions and scenarios.


I’m a working writer, Arts Hons graduate and qualified teacher in Further and Adult Education, previously lecturing and tutoring in Business Studies, English and Design Theory. Before that I worked in  Marketing, PR, Telesales, Recruitment,book shops and Museums. I have IT/business administration, Marketing and counselling experience and qualifications.

I became increasingly ill while still in my early 30’s; a spondylarthropy, a form of autoimmune arthritis, the cause a mystery. No previous illnesses, no accidents. My right knee began to give way under me without warning, and then one day I went down on my face in the street.

I saw a GP but it was not diagnosed for many more years and became progressively worse as I gradually lost more and more physical mobility, until I became so unwell I could no longer go out to work,teaching in adult college. I couldn’t walk the distance or carry my gear.

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The pain was both chronic and acute; unrelenting, severe, sharp, fiery and aggressive. Childbirth was nothing compared. Nothing could ease it. I was frightened to move, the slightest movement was so painful. I had to dig ever deeper in coping and began to have dreams which later turned out to have been dreams of precognition.

I am not a religious person. I do not come from a family background with any kind of psychic tradition. I’m not into any spiritual scene or the New Age scene. I came to this late. I am sceptical, rather, and always look first for the common sense explanation. Likewise, in a reading, I am always looking for the ‘so what?’ in the reading. What is the takeaway here? People want specifics wherever possible.

Nor am I a medium. I do not know what ghosts are, to know if they are sentient presences or memories pressed in the ether, or if they may be either. But I have had experiences associated with the recent passing not only of loved ones, but total strangers, to which I could only attribute some kind of enduring sentience on their part, in the immediate or very short term aftermath of their death.

There were also ‘poltergeist’ experiences over a number of years, sometimes witnessed by other people. These were not like the fictional experiences in ‘Carrie’. They were not under conscious control whatsoever, and in time I concluded it was possibly due to the effect of some disruption of the body’s physical energy -its electrical field

This apparently may extend a distance of up to six feet from the body. As if my pent -up physical energy, barely able to walk by this point, was finding release through other avenues. As if, while losing physical capabilities I had always taken for granted, other capabilities, previously dormant, were making themselves known, driven by a need to understand what was happening and deal with it, when the doctors had so few answers.

There must be many other people, other readers far more psychic than me. Nor did I welcome these experiences, however benign. Too peculiar and sometimes, even a bit frightening.

But then one night I had a medical dream, diagnostic, which checked out correctly in the lab after a helpful GP ran extra tests, and this provided information which had not been available during 12 previous years of medical investigations, and which now, I could use, but years too late sadly, to stop or reverse the damage done by the arthritis.

I later discovered the work of the classically trained archaeologist and (sceptical) paranormal investigator TC Lethbridge, who wrote about these phenomena and other ‘supernatural’ phenomena, in his book Ghost and Ghoul and other titles.

I thought about all this for quite some time, until one year I was given a tarot deck one Christmas, and seized on learning to read the cards as a way to find out if I could train and direct the intuition for use on demand.

What practical use was this stuff? Or did it have no use at all?

Psychic stuff happens when it happens. It is a ‘wind that bloweth where it listeth’.

We have no control over those kinds of experiences, but Divination, in whatever field, Tarot, astrology or whatever, is something a bit different. It is a discipline. You have to work for it, trying to tap that same place where the psychic experiences come from, but it places you in the driving seat.

I started out as many readers do, by reading for myself, then family and friends until after a few years I felt ready to read at a service level for people I didn’t know. Then one day I was contacted by a journalist, and, with some reservations, accepted an invitation to put myself to the test, taking part in a magazine feature called ‘How Did They Know That?’ in a national circulation magazine, ‘Fate & Fortune’.

Things developed from there.

So. Has Tarot helped me get better? Has it made the problem go away?

How could it? It’s not magic. It’s not medicine, and I can’t tell you all the things I have tried over the last 25 years, both allopathic and complementary medicine, nothing sufficient to halt the damage. I do feel better these days, not nearly so ill, but a lot of damage has been done by this point.

Stuff happens. Stuff gets broken, which isn’t to say it can never be repaired. Maybe it can’t be, maybe it can but it’s never good as new either. Everything has its price. What Tarot has done for me, purely personally, is support me in managing a situation for which there are no answers as such, when we look for other ways of moving forward, staying active and engaged with the wide world.

Ain’t that the Grail and a silver lining.

In readings for others, it’s a kind of path-finding exercise, what I look at are their available options in a given situation, weighing odds and probabilities as to which of these looks like the better road ahead for them, and why.

This is why I do forecasting, not predicting. The future is not a lump of concrete waiting to fall on our heads, as prediction would seem to suggest. Nor is it completely within our personal control, which is why forecasting is something humanity has always done, in seeking to plan its next step. The person who can see just that bit further ahead can more readily avoid false steps.

Prediction can place people into a position of waiting. Forecasting supports action. Clients use readings as an extra inside track, and this puts them where they need to be, in charge.

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We are part of Nature. But there is more in Nature than we know, or ever will.

There is more in us.