I’m a professional Tarot reader, intuitive consultant and writer in the UK, and have been reading Tarot, playing cards and runes since 2002. I started this blog in 2010 with the aim of showing the Tarot at work, dealing with real life questions, and with a focus on illustrating ‘how’ readings are done.

There are great mysteries at work in the world, although this blog is not about ‘spirituality’ as such, whatever is meant by that. The spirit of a thing is implicit in its presence, absence, action, or substance, while people live on in the memories of those who remember them. Do I believe in ghosts? I have had experiences that leave me with little other option, but what they are exactly, whether they are an echo or an imprint, or whether they are consciously present and sentient, seems to depend on the immediate environment, and whether or not there has been a personal connection between the observer and the ghost.


What I don’t tend to do is old fashioned fortune-telling where I issue flat predictions. I am not saying it can’t be done. I have done it myself on enough occasions during the past twenty years, and observed the outcomes to know fine well that it can be done. The future exists, as in, we will all die some day, guaranteed, and maybe too, there is such a thing as destiny.

But this is not to take away the client’s power of choice, free will or personal responsibility. I seek to advise but not to intrude. Forecasting is part of the tradition and fascination of a reading, and will be attempted as appropriate, but it needs treating with respect. While there are things we can’t change, like the weather, the only moment in which we can actively exercise our own power of decision is now.

How does it work, this Tarot reading thing? The cards act as a pictorial trigger of the reader’s intuition about the other person or a given situation. The cards are functioning as an extension of the reader’s psychic antennae, if you will.


I’m a writer on astrology and Tarot sites, with other writing published in magazines, online digital publications and anthologies (flash fiction, short fiction and poetry. )

I’m a (long ago) Arts Hons graduate (History of Art and Design) with post-graduate qualifications in Business Studies, Marketing and IT and Education as a qualified lecturer in Further Education. I taught Business Studies, Design Theory and English Language and English Literature.

I have worked in  Marketing, PR and Telesales for the CBI, book shops and Museums, and in training and recruitment in the private sector and public sectors, working with the long term unemployed.

Becoming a Tarot reader

I became increasingly unwell in my early 30’s; a form of autoimmune arthritis. Matters became progressively worse. I lost physical mobility, until I became so unwell I could no longer go out to work, or walk or even stand, and needed a wheelchair to get about.

The pain was acute and unrelenting, and the damage began to become visible. I had to dig deep in coping, and psychic tendencies which I had long been aware of, but had previously resisted or ignored began to express themselves more strongly.

There were dreams of precognition for example, which later turned out correct, and poltergeist or telekinetic manifestations, and other kinds of haunting which were not sinister, but were nonetheless at times startling or unsettling.

Photo by Cameron Readius on Pexels.com

I am not a religious person. I do not come from a family background with a psychic reading tradition. I’m not into occultism, nor part of any spiritual scene. I am not into Wicca or the New Age scene. I have never taken mind- altering substances in my life. I tend to be sceptical. But this needed thinking about. And I thought about it for quite some time. Then a family member gave me a Tarot deck and I seized on it, drawn by the artwork and the stories embedded in it, and began to study the Tarot to better understand these psychic or paranormal experiences, and to find out if I could train and direct my intuition for something -anything- concrete, specific, useful or helpful.

I started out as many readers do, reading for myself, then family and friends until, after a few years I felt ready to read at a service level for people I didn’t know. One day I was contacted by a journalist, and, with reservations, accepted an invitation to do two cold readings under test conditions as part of a magazine feature. Things developed from there.

Tarot does not have all the answers, just as the latest, state of the art medicine does not have the answers for my health problem. What my work with the Tarot has done for me personally, is give me extra means with which to cope, hovering high over the situation rather than being flattened under it, staying in charge, clarifying my best options in a situation in which there are no answers.

Working with the Tarot, the world has only got wider, definitely weirder at times, but also more wonderful.

Be thine own palace, or the world is thy prison.’ -John Donne.

We are part of Nature. But there is more in Nature than we know. There is more in us. All of us.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” – Hamlet

Quite so, Mr Shakespeare.

Thank you for your visit.

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