Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Welcome to True Tarot Tales.

I am a professional reader in Lancashire in the UK, handling personal and business questions, and also reading for animal communication.

I have been reading professionally since 2006. The aim of this blog is to demonstrate Tarot (and other) divination at work, in real-life detail, in a way that so many books and blogs  do not.

You will find readings here and in the archives about love and money, and business, about property and ghosts, about law, and football and robins. About cats and politics.

Please note, readings are in confidence. Where readings for others are discussed here, this is with permission, and with the identities of clients disguised and thoroughly protected.


How does one become a tarot reader? The routes are as individual as the reader. How did I? Well, I have previously worked in colleges, teaching Business Studies, English and Design Theory, and before that in  Marketing, Recruitment and Museums.

Then an illness that first showed symptoms while I was still at uni, became so painfully debilitating in my early 30’s, I could no longer go out to work. This was a shock, the situation proved unrelenting and I continued to lose physical mobility.

It forced me to dig deep in coping, and intuition began to manifest itself in new and sometimes unsettling, even startling, but also constructive and helpful ways. Dreams of precognition etc.

I decided to see if I could train this entirely natural capability for practical use and began to study the tarot, and later, runes, cartomancy and pendulum divination. I started out, as many readers do, by reading for myself, then family and friends and finally began reading at a service level for people I didn’t know, and was put to a test, featured in a national circulation magazine, Fate & Fortune magazine.

A Tarot deck is a tiny but truly gargantuan story book. Everything that makes our world is somewhere symbolised in this set of 78 pieces of card stock. , tells true stories about real things. Follow this blog for a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous expose of the Tarot, watching me getting to grips, or trying to, with the nitty-gritty, using my cards- mostly Tarot cards but also ordinary playing cards (cartomancy) – to deliver accurate, timely insights and predictions.

jung synchronicity

Please note, readings are in confidence. Where readings for others are discussed here, this is with permission, and with the identities of clients disguised and thoroughly protected.

But why do people have readings? Why do people use such services? Well, why do we watch weather forecasts, or play guessing games, or follow the Stock Exchange?  Why do people place bets on this or that? It’s about control, and ultimately therefore, survival. It’s in our make-up for dealing with the world. The human race has always exercised its wits, has had to, trying to look ahead, in preparation for readiness to meet opportunities, challenges or even downright threats.

Sometimes we don’t have all the facts we need, don’t have access to that information, but time is of the essence and we must take a leap in the dark.

wheel of fortune medieval

Divination, the practice of clairvoyance,  is  about helping us do that, by sensing the odds using tools or symbol systems to tap into our unconscious thought processes. There’s more information stored in there than we will ever use in our lifetime, because we are, every one or us, equally, no less than the product of 4.5 billion years of life on Earth.

Tarot is an Art not a Science. Forecasts are predictions based on detected trends. In the case of science forecasting, these are numerical data trends. The human mind intuits trends based on instinct and inherited memory; cultural memory, embedded knowledge, no longer conscious, passed down the ancestral lines.


Intuition is master, Einstein famously remarked; the rational mind its faithful servant. There is no unique picture of reality, Stephen Hawking once observed, while the atomic scientist Niels Bohr said to a student, ‘you are not thinking, you are merely being logical.’

Johannes Kepler was not only a mathematician and astronomer, but was also a practising astrologer, as was Dr John Dee at the court of Elizabeth 1. These people were among the most highly educated thinkers of their times, more educated than many even today. The psychic Arts have time after time walked side by side with mathematics, astronomy, alchemy and maritime navigation as a natural adjunct to sciences in centuries past. Even even now in this secular age, these questions intrigue great scientific minds, whether they attribute so called psychic manifestations to quantum mechanics, or other workings of physics – or psychology.  Divination is not a religious practice. No belief is required on the part of a tarot reader or the client. This applies whatever the method of divination, cards, runes, I-Ching etc.



The experience you receive in a reading depends on the background, interests and abilities of the individual reader, and your ease of connection to that reader. If they are religious or spiritually inclined, they may present their readings in that way, but the practice of divination is not in itself, synonymous with religious or spiritual activity or belief. Many readers are secular in approach, using tarot simply as an extra language.

Sceptics can take it or leave it but the genuinely inquiring  may safely allow for the possibilities, knowing that intuition is just an expression of innate instinct, while psychic experiences are an acute expression of intuition, and fall within the scientific remit, at least theoretically, not only of our normal biology, but of Quantum Theory.

But what does it even mean, actually, this business of being ‘psychic’? What is this psychic ‘stuff? about’ What is it like in everyday life, as opposed to ghost stories and horror films ?

That’s what this blog is about.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ll stay and look around further.