I’m an intuitive consultant and writer in the UK, and have been reading professionally Tarot, playing cards and runes for nearly twenty years, in providing advisory services to individuals, organizations and businesses.

I use psychic divination for strategy, analysis, creative exploration, personal support and forecasting purposes.

What I don’t do is fortune-telling. This works as a dialogue. Why is that? To cut straight to the chase, I ask my client to state the problem or ask a question. I should detect the issue right away, anyway, but possibly only broadly, in rather broad terms, and this is about getting maximum precision. My focus is on delivering a useful, meaningful reading

I use divination tools as a pictorial extension of my sub-verbal instincts about the person and their situation. These tools function as psychic antennae, if you will.


I’m a writer on astrology and Tarot sites, including Jessica Adams Astrology and Ask Astrology. I’m a (long ago) Arts Hons graduate (History of Art and Design) and post-grad in Business, Marketing and have Counselling certification.

I’m a qualified teacher in Further and Adult Education, previously lecturing and tutoring in Business Studies, English and Design Theory. Before this I worked in  Marketing, PR, Telesales, Recruitment, book shops and Museums. I have written a novel, unpublished, and had various short fiction and poetry published.

I became unwell in my early 30’s; a form of autoimmune arthritis. The cause was and remains a mystery, with suspected gene involvement, and presumably some trigger event; a viral illness or bacterial infection. I was, for one thing, quite badly stung by wasps about eighteen months before the first onset of symptoms.

My right knee began to give way until one day I went down on my face in the street. I saw a GP who suggested exercises with cushions, but the systemic problem, a spondylarthropy of unknown aetiology, was not diagnosed for another three years.

Matters became progressively worse as I lost physical mobility, until I became so unwell I could no longer go out to work, teaching in Further Education.

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.com

The pain was both chronic and acute; unrelenting and the damage began to become visible. I had to dig ever deeper in coping, and psychic tendencies which I had long been aware of, but had resisted or ignored, not been interested in exploring began to express themselves more strongly.

Dreams of precognition for example, which later turned out correct, and poltergeist or telekinetic manifestations, and other kinds of haunting which were not sinister, but were nonetheless at times startling or unsettling.

We are not talking anything so extreme as the picture below, but still, events occurred which were unexpected, inexplicable in common sense terms, and on occasion witnessed by others.

Photo by Cameron Readius on Pexels.com

I am not a religious person. I do not come from a family background with a psychic reading tradition. I’m not into occultism, or any spiritual scene or Wicca or the New Age scene. I have never taken mind- altering substances in my life.

I thought about all this for quite some time. A family member gave me a Tarot deck and I seized on it, drawn by the artwork and the stories embedded in it, and started learning to read the cards as a way to better understand these psychic or paranormal experiences, and to find out if I could train and direct my intuition for something useful or helpful – use on demand.

Psychic Reading versus Divination

Tarot Divination like all forms of divination is a study, It is learned. Psychic stuff happens when it happens. But divination taps into that innate psychic faculty, mobilizes it, and calls it forth.

I started out as so many readers do, reading for myself, then family and friends until, after a few years I felt ready to read at a service level for people I didn’t know, and then one day I was contacted by a journalist, and, with some reservations, accepted an invitation to put myself to the test, doing two cold readings, taking part in a magazine feature called ‘How Did They Know That?’ in a national circulation magazine, ‘Fate & Fortune’.

Things developed from there.

Has Tarot helped me get better?

If I am any good at this stuff, has it made my problem go away?

No. I had a medical dream, was lucky enough at that juncture to have a sufficiently concerned GP (the only one who in more than 25 years has EVER rung me up to ask how I was doing) who ordered further tests on request, and the lab reports checked out correctly in line with what the dream had told me. You can be sure I did not push my luck, mentioning any such thing as a flaky dream to this kindly GP. I phrased my request for these tests in the most matter of fact manner.

I found this pretty astonishing. But it still did not mean this thing could be cured. How would it? Do I have the keys to a lab? Does the medicine even exist yet that might work for someone with this condition? REALLY work?

Tarot is not medicine. How would it sort out an illness that modern medicine has been unable to resolve? I can’t tell you all the things I have tried over the last 25 years, both conventional /allopathic and complementary medicine. Some approaches have brought easement or respite. I feel much better these days, not nearly so ill in general, and medicine has moved on too, but a lot of damage has been done by this point.

Tarot is not magic. Prescience is not omniscience. Readers don’t go around knowing more than other people, or fixing anyone’s problems. What they do is hold up a mirror, and they detect and point out the pros and cons of the various possible pathways you might take. One could take you to a sunny upland. Another could lead you into a bog if you don’t watch out.

Stuff happens. Stuff gets broken, which isn’t to say it can never be repaired. Maybe it can, maybe it can’t.

What Tarot has done for me, personally, is helped me to cope with the various losses entailed in this illness, hovering over the problem rather than under it, and to stay in charge, clarifying my best options in a situation in which there simply are no answers as such, only avenues to explore, and my rheumatologist has acknowledged this, and said as much himself.

My work with the Tarot has meant that my world has only got wider, definitely weirder at times, but also more wonderful, irrespective of my own health problem and loss of mobility.

Long ago a very wise lady, an astrologer, told me I was a ‘wounded healer’. She said something about Chiron but I didn’t really know what she was talking about. Not back then. I was 26, young and strong, with an oddly stiff right knee, that was all, and I didn’t like the sound of that wounded Chiron gobbledygook one bit.

Ain’t Life strange.

We are part of Nature. But there is more in Nature than we know. There is more in us.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy,” – Hamlet

Quite so, Mr Shakespeare.