Testimonials and Reviews

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Fantastic reading, giving me clarity and confidence to move forward. – Kate W, Hospitality Industry/ Social Media Entrepreneur

March 2020

Wonderful woman, amazing reader. I cannot recommend her enough. I have never met such an intuitive and insightful reader, using tarot and other mediums to get to the root of your questions. Katie-Ellen is so warm, kind and generous of herself and of her time. You will certainly come away clearer what is true about the present and encouraged for the journey ahead. Just amazing. – Linda W,  University educator

I don’t know if she knows this, but a reading with Katie-Ellen -I have had several- somehow gives me new courage – D Harris, Legal Admin

I felt very lost, uncertain, unguided and riddled with horrible emotions which sat heavily on me. The reading lifted the fog, allowing me to see things clearly and from a different perspective – it really did help and I feel more settled now than I did.   J J, Nursing professional

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine is my favourite Tarot Practitioner. Her knowledge is encyclopedic and her experience, priceless. She balances her highly attuned intuition with the pragmatism of the healthy sceptic but it is her way of thinking about the possible interpretations of the cards that I find most interesting and most impressive. She takes nothing for granted and weighs the logic of each element of her interpretation as she goes along. The intelligent person’s Tarot Professional.  Delia O’ Riordan, Writer, Researcher, Parapsychologist.

It’s strange but I was left with a feeling as though I’d met her before; the way she read the tarot was unique and yet I felt like I’d encountered it before. A warm, comforting feeling, she is in touch with another realm! My anxiety level has now come down. She described it all perfectly.  The way she used all of those cards and runes and her intuition is quite wonderful.  Madeleine. W – School Educator

I have had readings from Katie -Ellen a number of times and have always found her to be an original reader, with her own style, precise and accurate, helpful and she gives very good advice. I would not hesitate to recommend her service. Andrew Poulton, Clairvoyant 

‘Visiting Katie-Ellen at her home, we found the atmosphere light, relaxed and friendly. We had two or three business decisions to make and found Katie’s initial feedback very accurate and perceptive. In the case of one decision, we had to decide which path to take. Katie clearly indicated that one path would prove successful if taken, the other less so. Our early trials indicated that this was absolutely correct. We liked the way the cards gave us an extra insight into the decisions we were facing. This added intuition gave us the confidence to move more resolutely forward. We recommend Katie’s readings to anyone who has a decision to make and is unsure which path to take to get the best outcome.’  Vivienne Thorley, Publisher.

I had a complex decision to make, with lots of options, each with advantages and disadvantages.  I booked a session for some left-field input. I was not disappointed. The session was a two way interaction which worked very well.  Katie-Ellen was totally professional in her approach. Money well spent.’   Richard White, Speaker, Sales Trainer & Author

‘Katie-Ellen is a gifted individual with a wonderful understanding of people. She is professional, articulate and conscientious, with great instinct, and psychological insight. She can be relied on to guide you through tough decisions while pin-pointing difficulties ahead’.  J A Cook, Artist, New York

‘I have found Katie-Ellen to be a wonderful person, very intuitive and to the point, who has helped me when I was at a crossroads feeling unsure which way to go. Katie is someone I have a lot of respect and time for. She is also super-intelligent by the way, and a wordsmith of the highest order.’   Nighet N Riaz, Educator