The Tower card says ‘Thunder!’

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Originally posted 16 August 2020

Monday afternoon, 16 August 2020 and we’re having yet another thunderstorm right now. I posted here on 3 August suggesting we could expect humid nights during the next two weeks, as suggested by an astrological combination of a cool damp full moon in Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo. A quirky, steamy, humid combination, as if The Lion was sporting a perm, and it was getting frazzled in the humidity.


This has proved correct in many parts of the UK including the Lancashire coast in NW England where I live. Close, humid, sticky as Sticky the stick insect when he’s got stuck on a stick. Last Tuesday night at 11.30 PM we had the first of this series of thunderstorms and it was a corker.

It started silently, sheet lightning, flash lightning, the entire sky lit bright as day; white, grey, lavender, palest pink. Then came the wind. The trees began to move, and then swish and then came the pounding rain. This sequence was repeated three times between 11.30 and about four in the morning.

I asked Il Matrimonio to film it on his phone, but this was just the start -slow TV.

The Tarot card that can forecast or describe a thunderstorm…or even a hurricane or a tornado is The Tower.

The Tower is hubris, pride before a fall, miscommunications, the Tower of Babel, shocks, buildings or damage to buildings, bankruptcy, unemployment, economic crashes, traffic crashes, air attacks, explosions. War.

It could be a fire, or electrical malfunctions or an electric shock. It could be a stroke or a heart attack.

Anything sudden or shocking, loud or disruptive.

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The Golden Tarot by Kat Black

Update: Tornado!

Back in 2011 The Tower card meant a tornado.

I had drawn the Tower card the previous evening and said to Il Matrimonio, there was rain coming, and it might be heavy.

The Tarot can lend itself to weather forecasting if you are interested to test it out, and The Page of Cups or Page of Swords may forecast a light rain shower, or light snowfall.

The ‘rain’ came the next morning. But I wasn’t expecting this. I have never heard anything like it in my life. A scream like a banshee or the whistle of a steam train; similar principles of science I suppose. It was fit to make your hair stand on end, as what we later discovered was a actual twister came screaming down the road, hurling wheelie bins about, as later reported by a startled dog-walker at the end of the road.

It flattened someone’s garden wall; one of our neighbours, Mr Fagge. Totally flattened it, but very neatly, and the wall didn’t fall on anyone, and he said it needed repairing anyway. So that was OK. He didn’t like it though, when people got word of the excitement they had missed, and turned up to take photographs.

But you could hardly blame them. We don’t often see a twister here in Lytham St Anne’s, though there have been others.

There was one on the beach here last summer, 1 June, 2020, and it whirled buckets and litter and towels and tents around in circles, possibly ruined someone’s ice-cream, and that was all quite exciting before it headed out to sea.

But we don’t want it getting any more exciting, thank you.

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Till next time 🙂

Author: Katie-Ellen

Intuitive Tarot reader, consultant and writer.

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