Blood Moon Rising: the Moon card, the tides of Earth and in the affairs of men

The Full Moon on Wednesday 26 May 2021 will be not only the biggest super moon of the year, but also a lunar eclipse, when the moon turns a reddish colour and is nicknamed a Blood Moon.

A super moon is a full moon at its perigee, it’s closest approach to the Earth. A lunar eclipse happens when the full moon dips into the Earth’s shadow and there is a change in colour as sunlight scattered around the edges of the Earth, is seen falling on the surface of the Moon.

We are in Gemini season, astrologically (not astronomically speaking) and the full moon is rising in its opposite zodiac sign, Sagittarius, which rules the ninth house of far travel, learning, prophecy and philosophy.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a benefic planet, but an eclipse represents the shadow side of Jupiter, and then he can be a big bully.

Eclipse or no eclipse, there are enough bullies going stamp-a-bout on the world stage right now. Davids are getting battered, if not outright slaughtered by Goliaths in a tragic listing of ethnic and other minority groups. The weak are being sent to the wall in front of the watching world.

To the ancients, lunar eclipses were generally viewed as ominous.

Extract From The National Geographic

“The  ancient Mesopotamians… saw lunar eclipses as an assault on the moon, says Krupp. But in their stories, the assailants were seven demons.

Traditional cultures linked what happened in the sky to circumstances on Earth, he says. And because the king represented the land in Mesopotamian culture, the people viewed a lunar eclipse as an assault on their king. “We know from written records [that Mesopotamians] had a reasonable ability to predict lunar eclipses,” says Krupp. So in anticipation of an eclipse, they would install a surrogate king intended to bear the brunt of any attack.

“Typically, the person declared to be king would be someone expendable,” Krupp says. Though the substitute wasn’t really in charge, he would be treated well during the eclipse period, while the actual king masqueraded as an ordinary citizen. Once the eclipse passed, “as you might expect, the substitute kings typically disappeared,” Krupp says, and may have been dispatched by poisoning.”

Nice. It is suggested they hoped or believed this ‘healed the moon.’

‘Heavy the head that wears the crown.’

Even for just a day or two. While the idea of being expendable in the grand scheme…quite a thought, isn’t it, in this age of individualism.

Julius Caesar, a superbly capable person; a self-made man, and a military and political high achiever, was perhaps naturally dismissive of such things, but this healthy scepticism also proved most unfortunate. Had he listened to Spurinna the Haruspex (and Spurinna also has his ear close to the ground) and had he listened to his wife, Calpurnia…both of whom warned him, or had he exercise a little more imagination, he might have avoided the fatal trap. It was after all, time sensitive. The assassins had only a short window.

The day of his assassination, he had actually promised Calpurnia not to leave the house, after she begged him not to, after she had a terrible dream, but then an old friend coaxed him out…a traitor ten times the Judas that Brutus was.

Young Marcus Brutus was in on it, of course, but the worst betrayal was another man, an old friend of Caesar’s: Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus, a distant cousin of Marcus Brutus though Shakespeare pretty much left him out of the story.

Decimus came to call, telling Caesar, come along to the senate meeting. No doubt they had a few laughs, when Caesar said no, I’m staying home today. I promised the missus….she’s a bit worried, you know, and Decimus teased him about it. He and Decimus went back a long way. What Caesar didn’t understand was that Decimus bore him a grudge and the plotters had sent him to dig Caesar out.

Machiavelli had much to say about old friends who bear us a grudge. Caesar had given Decimus many rewards, but denied him a particular one he had wanted.

Read more about that HERE

‘Hey, there, Spurinna’, Caesar said on his way to the forum, with his pal Decimus, ‘the Ides of March are come!’

‘Aye, Caesar,’ said Spurinna, ‘but they are not gone’.

He had actually warned Caesar to beware the thirty day period leading up to and ending on the Ides of March.

Sometimes…timing is everything, just as, behind the wheel a split second can be the difference between life and death. 1/5 of a second’s distraction at the wheel, fiddling with your radio or sat-nav or whatever, and taking your eyes off the road, that’ll easily do it.

Modern Western (Tropical) astrology

Photo by Pedro Figueras on

Modern western astrology views a lunar eclipse as more potentially disruptive than necessarily ominous.

Eclipses bring sudden events, they suggest, and surprises. New things come to light. This could mean a liberation, a eureka moment.

This Full moon and its eclipse in Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, is symbolic of fireworks or sudden eruptions of cosmic molten lava. Maybe not only cosmic but entirely earthly.

Gaia is unsettled. The sun is entering a new cycle.

It appears this new solar cycle…which is tending ultimately to the cooling of the Earth….occurred December 2019, when the global pandemic began in Wuhan.

(The UK also held a general election December 2019.)

It is all too easy to join dots and see patterns where perhaps none meaningfully exists. But why should life on earth not feel physical effects at some level.

Harking back to the doings of Humankind, and mindful of the superseded superstitions of the ancients (or their observations, based on many data correlations) who might be seen as a ‘ruler at risk’, or as a ‘substitute ruler’ at the time of this approaching eclipse?

A few possible scenarios come to mind at this present time, as I am sure they do for many others.

Also just co-incidentally, and maybe this will not amount to much in the end, though maybe it will, and while we are thinking of the power of a grudge, Dominic Cummings appearance before a select committee at 9.30 AM on this day of a lunar eclipse could hardly come at a better – or worse time- for the UK government, or PM Boris Johnson.

So particular a coincidence, one could almost imagine someone senior on the select committee had consulted a horary astrologer as to the timing of this session, just as Queen Elizabeth 1 consulted Dr John Dee in determining the most auspicious date for her coronation.

But who here, might such an astrologer have been working to help?

No-one does this kind of thing nowadays, some might say. Well, they might be surprised to discover who still uses these kinds of services today, and not only in personal matters, and why; for an extra edge, an extra inside track in professional and business affairs…and perhaps more.

26 May, Dominic Cummings is expected to launch a damaging critique of the government’s handling of the Covid crisis, while wishing to stress, he has said, that these mistakes are not necessarily to be seen as the personal fault of the PM in such unprecedented circumstances.

The mainstream media is going to town, can barely contain its glee, and many doubtless have a clear opinion on how they would have handled the pandemic better, had they been in the driving seat, and on how other countries have handled it so much better.

Historically, pandemics have lasted 3-4 years. We are in Year 2. I looked at this a few weeks ago, and my cards suggested that, looking at this problem on a global level, we are likely to be dealing with it at least until May-June 2022.

This does not necessarily mean we will be seeing lock-downs until that point. My question to the Tarot was, when will we see that this pandemic has substantially ended, looking at this on a global level. I drew cards in a line, one card per quarter, and I was looking out for the appearance of The World Card.

Why? Because this is a global issue, and because The World card signifies the end of a cycle. Completion.

The World Card from The Legacy of The Divine Tarot, Ciro Marchetti

The World card appeared for the quarter representing May-June 2022.

It may not be Britain, or Europe or the US that are still struggling with it, and I was not asking about the short to medium term economic consequences, which in previous readings, looked more optimistic than one might expect.

But it does look that the pandemic is still high on the agenda well into 2022. It may be northern India and other places. It is still with us, on its way out, but not yet quite reduced to an endemic level. As ever, only Time will tell but that’s what it looked like to me. Some may feel this is too far off, others, not unreasonably, given the historical pattern, that it’s still year 3, and possibly still too soon, vaccines notwithstanding. Especially if people start getting back on planes too soon, in anything like the numbers they did before.

Eclipses: Omens?

The ancient regarded lunar eclipses are omens of disaster. Sagittarius is a lively, freewheeling, life and soul of the party, but also prophetic sign. No- one tells Sagittarius what to do. It does its own thing. The eclipse pushes it into a box in a manner of speaking, into the shadow, and it is liable to come out spoiling for a fight. We have a lot of extremely vocal secular messiahs and missionaries flexing their muscles in respect of various social issues at present.

On a minor note, Il Matrimonio is at the moment of writing trying to find out why the lights have blown in the wardrobe. Is it the fuse box? No. Has a bulb blown, why have they all blown? The hunt continues.

The Moon card in the Tarot

The Moon from The Gilded Tarot, Ciro Marchetti

The Moon card stands for, well, the Moon obviously, and the tides, floods, cycles, hormones, fertility, dreams, illusions, deception, psychic experiences, ghosts, danger in travel, contagion, poison/food-poisoning.

Eastern astrologers may suggest we do not try to look at an eclipse directly….that it may bring bad luck. This may be sensible advice just at the common sense level.

We don’t need an eclipse to remind us nothing stays the same. But if we do need that reminder, well, sooner or later we are going to get it, big time, with or without an eclipse.

You may not wish to click or sign up to cookies, but if that doesn’t worry you, this page via provides links to watch the eclipse live:

Till next time 🙂

Author: Katie-Ellen

Tarot, runes and cartomancy. Reader, consultant and writer.

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