Tarot Synchronicity: The Lucky Guess

Katie 3 May 2016

Katie-Ellen, Intuitive Consultant at  TacticalTarot.com

Carl Jung speculated that the Tarot works according to the principle of ‘synchronicity’- that psychic insights are triggered  by apparently random and yet meaningful co-incidence, which he thought might be explained by Quantum Mechanics.

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jung synchronicity

In a recent reading, the focus was the clients job, and I drew the King of Pentacles or Coins.

Image below is from The Gilded Tarot  by kind permission of Ciro Marchetti.

King Pentacles

This Tarot king represents a man who is patient, kind, industrious. He is the salt of the earth. I said to the client that I thought he was a manager, and the work was practical in nature but also involved communication. It demanded precision or the ‘thing’ wouldn’t work but I didn’t ‘see’ as yet see what his job might actually be.

‘I might get at it though,’ I said, ‘now that my computer is talking directly to your computer.’

What I meant by that was, I felt we were on the same wavelength.

His reply?

‘But that IS my job! I  work for the government. That’s what I do…I make computers talk to other computers.’

Now that is typical  of the Tarot.

Just typical.


Until next time 🙂

About Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Tarot Reader, Consultant & Writer in Lancashire, UK. Not fortune telling. Advisory readings with a focus on specifics and with forecasts as appropriate.
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2 Responses to Tarot Synchronicity: The Lucky Guess

  1. Tarotduck says:

    A lucky guess often is nothing more (or less) than synchronicity at work. Maybe the word “luck” itself is just another word for “synchronicity”. the tarot simply reflects that. thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

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