Tarot says ‘shark!’

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Learning to read Tarot cards fluently requires in-depth study. Lateral thinking is another way of reading the cards; using associations and insights triggered by the imagery deployed in a particular deck, rather than restricting yourself to the traditional card meanings.

It is not about ignoring those traditions, far from it. These insights still chime with the traditional story remit of the card. But they can add new details, specifics that can arise psychically, when you fly by the seat of your pants, with the art work as your intuitive springboard.

I had been asked to investigate a relationship question and drew The Knight of Cups, shown below.

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.


knight cups legacy

Classic interpretations of this card:  Water, Pisces, Messages, approaches, invitations, proposals and propositions. Health, healing, Hospitality. Drinking and eating. An admirer. Knight in shining armour. An artist, poet, singer, musician, carer, diplomat, visionary, psychic, peacemaker, dreamer, inability to focus, inability to commit. 

The appearance of this card enabled me to offer a theory as to the problem, and a description of the other person which the client recognised as a portrait true to the life.

The point of this story is that I had drawn this card many times before, and never before said what I was about to say. BUT this particular time, triggered by that cruising shark, I suddenly heard the word ‘cartilage’ in my imagination and said, ‘why am I feeling cartilage problems? Has this man hurt his leg?’

The client said, yes, she believed so, and that it had happened after a sports injury.

He might have had cartilage problems. He might not. I had no way to verify it, but the client believed that he had. So if he had not, then I had elicited this understanding from her. This is the nature of psychic reading when it diverges away from learning based divination.

This was a telepathic exchange. That uniquely on this occasion, the picture of the shark on this card, an image not used in other decks, had at least enabled me to pick up on her thoughts in respect of this gentleman.

This additionally gave me a baseline that said I was on the same ‘wavelength’ with this lady. I do not tend to ‘see’ things-‘ clairvoyance’ as ‘hear’ them- ‘clairaudience.’

I do not usually, drawing this card from this deck, focus my attention on the shark. I had never offered the same interpretation of this card before, and have never yet done it since. But on this occasion, it somehow pulled me in, and by now I’ve learned to just say it, when this happens, however stupid I think it sounds.

Life is short. The world is vast and multi-dimensional. You’ve got to be willing to get things wrong if you want to learn anything new, not least learning to read with the Tarot. If you’rereading for other people-a whole other situation- then you’ve got to risk falling flat on your face. Or you’ll stay safer, but you’ll also stay scared and smaller.

Until next time 🙂


Author: Katie-Ellen

Tarot, runes and cartomancy. Reader, consultant and writer.

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