The Why of Winter

Today is my mother’s birthday; wise, shrewd, beautiful, mother of five; a gifted teacher, naturalist, poet, and for many years, a champion protector of women’s statutory right in the UK to give birth in their own home. An independent thinker possessed of moral and physical courage, self-discipline and fortitude; she exemplifies the very best of Capricorn.

Capricorn marks the winter solstice, and the beginning of winter.

This is the cardinal sign of Earth in the western zodiac, and also in the storybook of the Tarot, and its associated cards are The Devil (Pan) the Ace of Pentacles (Earth) and the King of Pentacles.

Image from The Gilded Tarot, Ciro Marchetti

The Why of Winter

Sirius hard on the

Hunter’s heels

Stoats in ermine

Gain the field

Resting time

For sap-sunk trees

And earthed in dens

Some sleep

the hungry time

In deathly ease

Blackthorn points

The ancient tracks

Of chasing men

And panting beasts

Sweated salts

And bone-crack feasts

Oaks and sacred

Moons of mistletoe

Shall call down Life

Or conjure woe

When wolves at doors

Shall seek for more

As winter tilts

On wheeling skies

Of steel or stars

There is no other why.

Katie-Ellen 2019

Season’s Greetings!

Author: Katie-Ellen

Intuitive Tarot reader, consultant and writer.

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