The Cards say 'Coronavirus.'

Tweeted 16 March

“Covid-19 UK via Tarot. Graph climbs- Full Moon 7/8 April- New Moon 23 April, peaked by late June-late July (the healing Queen Cups card = dates of Cancer) then post-peak phase till late Nov/early December 2020 (8 Wands Rx =Sagittarius) As ever naturally only Time will tell.”

The Queen of Cups from The Golden Tarot.

I understand this is roughly in line with the current scientific modelling, in which case, the congruence is an interesting coincidence.

The timing associated with this card is the zodiac sign of Cancer. This means late June- 23 July, and suggests the imminent acute medical emergency seems likely to pass its peak and start to resolve by midsummer, though the economic ramifications continue throughout 2020, and almost certainly, well beyond.

The Eight of Wands, planes above the clouds, The Tarot of the Divine Legacy

The Eight of Wands reversed is associated with Sagittarius, the bright and breezy, free and easy cosmic traveller, and indicates we are still having this conversation late November/early December 2020, and this card specifically references a continued downturn in global travel. Worst case risk detected here is a second phase, starting late Nov/Early Dec as has happened before with other pandemics.

Astrologers have been commenting since 2017 in some instances, speculating in respect of an ominous outlook for 2020; a challenging conjunction of Saturn in Capricorn coming up at intervals during 2020. They are seeing parallels between the astrology of 2020 and prognostications made by UK astrologer William Lilley from 1648 onwards.

Excerpt via astrologer Jessica Adams.

“Astrologers are here to serve. It’s part of our professional code. When William Lilly predicted back in 1648, that in 1665, “so grand a catastrophe and great mutation unto this monarchy and government as never yet appeared” would come – it did. 

Lilly wrote“it will be ominous to London, unto her merchants at sea, to her traffique on land, to her poor”. He actually wrote “by reason of sundry fires and consuming plague.” 

The Company of Astrologers still holds a church memorial service in his honour on Lilly Day, every year.

What is really interesting in 2020 is is his prediction in a 1648 London pamphlet. This was the astrologer’s equivalent of a website today.

He saw, in the year 1665, “so grand a catastrophe and great mutation unto this monarchy and government as never yet appeared.” Note his use of mutation. Viruses can mutate. 

Lilly went on, “it will be ominous to London, unto her merchants at sea, to her traffique on land, to her poor.” He actually wrote “by reason of sundry fires and consuming plague.” In 1665 the woodcut of bodies in shrouds came to pass and in 1666 The Great Fire of London began.

The Bubonic Plague of 1665 has thus passed into the history books as a date-stamped, illustrated, astrological prediction.”

Read More from Jessica Adams HERE

Another more recent prediction has been receiving a lot of public attention recently.

‘In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes… Almost more baffling…it will.. vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.’ – wrote Psychic Sylvia Browne in her book, End of Days, 2008.

Astrologer of The Lady magazine, Victor Olliver, made a reference to this on social media recently. A lucky guess, commented someone. Indeed, and anyone can guess. We do it all the time, or we could not function from day to day. I guess it’s going to rain. Better wear my raincoat.

But as guesswork goes, date-stamped and published in 2008, this is pretty specific, I think many reasonable people would be ready to agree.

Sylvia Browne was a controversial, possibly really rather unpleasant figure who famously got many things wrong, telling parents of missing children their children were dead when they weren’t, and vice versa. But I bought and read the book to see for myself, and she did indeed publish this clear demonstration of clairvoyance, however hit and miss she may have been in respect of so many other things.


This new coronavirus sub-type arose in a ‘seafood’ market, according to the poor young doctor Li who identified it, shared his findings in a restricted online conversation with colleagues, and was either spied on or reported, rebuked by his manager and threatened by the police for expressing his concerns.

The same young doctor returned quietly to work and kept his mouth shut, only to die, infected by a patient who had been a storefront seller in this self same ‘seafood’ market, leaving a pregnant wife and small children. A man of his age could have been expected to survive, but this particular patient is thought to have carried an unusually high viral load, by reason of his market stall.

Such has been the anger in China, the Chinese Government exonerated Dr Li yesterday, 10 March, and scapegoated those who rebuked and threatened him, much good does that do him and his family.

HONG KONG—Weeks after Chinese social media erupted in grief and rage over the death of a doctor reprimanded by police for raising early alarms about the new coronavirus, Beijing is seeking to assuage public anger by rescinding his penalty and punishing those who rebuked him.

By Chun Han WongMarch 19, 2020 1:05 pm ET

Read more about Dr Li HERE

And what about this market? The market at Huanan.

List of items for sale for consumption derived from a sanitary inspection.

Bats, Badgers, Beavers, Camel, Chickens, Civets, Crab, Crocodiles, Dogs, Donkeys, Fish, Foxes, Giant Salamander, Hedgehog, Marmot, Ostrich, Otters, Pangolin, Peacock, Pheasant, Pig, Rabbit, Rat,Sheep, Shrimp, Spotted Deer, Striped Bass, Turtle, Venomous Snakes, Wolf puppies.

The Huanan market was closed 1 January. On 24 February 2020, the Chinese government announced that the trade and consumption of wild animals would be banned throughout China, but made no announcement in respect of a ban on the use of animals in Chinese medicine, and the closure of the market has not been announced as permanent. The Chinse government says it has been closed for ‘renovation.’

Let’s watch that space.

Back to Sylvia Browne for a moment. Did she suggest this ‘severe pneumonia like illness’ marked the beginning of ‘The End of Days’?

No, she did not. Or not exactly. But she did see it as a kind of a canary in the mine, a signpost of a coming decline in the global human population during the coming century, and I am inclined to think, based on the assumption that we carry on exactly as we are doing, she was on to something there.

This thing has leapt from animals to humans and ultimately kills by thickening and hardening the mucus in the throat, chest and lungs. There is a cytokine storm and suffocation. And yet again, as with SARS and Swine Flu and Ebola, and the Spanish Flu which was carried far and wide on returning troopships after the war, a pandemic of two phases, it begs the same kinds of questions.

From the Huanan market to the globe. Modern work and leisure travel habits have carried this new virus, which is basically a new form of pneumonia, pretty much right around the populated world.

Deaths from coronavirus worldwide are today estimated at 10 000. And this is extremely serious but it’s not the Spanish Flu of 2018 which accounted for 50 million and possibly as many as 100 million.

It is not the Black Death, or as it was called at the time, The Pest (Yersinia Pestis – bubonic plague) which came out of Central or East Asia in 1347, travelling the trade route along the Silk Road into the Crimea and delivered into Sicily by 12 ships from the Black Sea reaching England in 1348. This great plague killed more than 30 % of the entire population of Europe. Some estimates suggest it was as many as 60 %.

This is not that. I do not see that it will become that.

But I won’t be remotely alone or unusual in reading this as another warning. The global human population at the time of the Spanish flu in 1918 was 1.7 billion and today it is 7.8 billion.

Freedoms we have come to take for granted, or have come to regard as our inalienable rights, including cheap travel in massive numbers wherever we like, whenever we like, how we like and for as long as we like, are overdue a fundamental re-think. We want to do what we like when we like, at least with our free time. But we are over-extended.

The Queen of Cups says Home is where the Heart is.

But where is the heart?

A citizen of everywhere is a citizen of nowhere, a consumer first and last, carried aloft in the capacious claws of a doubtful new freedom, as contrails track and line the sky, the real and honest price tag not yet known.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour.

William Blake: Extracts from Songs of Innocence

Meanwhile spring is here and that may help resources in the northern hemisphere, by seeing the easing off the annual caseload of seasonal flu.

The spring equinox was yesterday.

Back soon with more on that, and the story of the Fiery Sky Ram Aries…..

Stay safe

Till next time 🙂

Author: Katie-Ellen

Tarot, runes and cartomancy. Reader, consultant and writer.

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