The Cards say Coronavirus 2-an update

I Tweeted earlier today 28 April 2020:

“When will we see blanket lifting of lock down? (Esp UK) Prev readings posted here & on my blog indicated sharp rise to 7 April, initial peak easing post 23 April with partial lifting. Wider lifting by/b4 c 21 June (during Cancer) Today’s cards show little change 2 that story.”

So what are these cards telling me?

9 Clubs: a heavy burden. We’re taking this to town, staggering beneath the burden. Stamina required, and a strong sense of duty, a card of physical and moral fortitude.

6 Spades: a slow and solemn journey into previously uncharted territory, scientific research, illness and a road to recovery. I drew this card in my posting here 6 April when Boris Johnson went into hospital, ‘for further testing,’ when I wrote that this looked very serious but his recovery was indicated by this card, although it might well take him 3- 8 weeks to feel fully recovered.

A nurse from the ICU in St Thomas’s hospital has recently told a news programme that there had been one night when Boris Johnson was in the ICU when it could have gone ‘either way’, something no-one told the public at the time – but speculation was rife and many guessed it was worse than we were being told.

Jack of Hearts: good news, healing, a baby, early summer. This is the hinge card in the reading and suggests June. Pages indicate beginnings (and births) while, keeping to the original question – when do we sense the blanket lifting of lock-down…this will be happening in stages. That is clear, but the Hearts suit is the suit associated with summer, the equivalent of the Cups suit in a tarot deck.

6 Diamonds: medical diagnostics. The timing of the lifting of the lockdown will depend on the data. And the interpretation of that data

2 Hearts. The suits indicate different speeds or time-frames. Diamonds is the fastest suit, and Spades is the slowest. If I’m asking when or how long and I draw Hearts, the time-frame is read in terms of weeks at the fastest, and in terms of months at the slowest. This suggests further selective lifting of the lock-down may be phased in or tested within the next two weeks but for the broader picture, since we are now at the end of April, this brings us to late June before the UK as a whole, is declared out of lock-down, though it is evident it will not be business as before.

Tweeted 16 March

“Covid-19 UK via Tarot. Graph climbs- Full Moon 7/8 April- New Moon 23 April, peaked by late June-late July (the healing Queen Cups card = dates of Cancer) then post-peak phase till late Nov/early December 2020 (8 Wands Rx =Sagittarius) As ever naturally only Time will tell.”

The Queen of Cups from The Golden Tarot.

Seen on Twitter earlier today, a comment echoing that Full Moon date of around 8 April:

Professor Karol Sikora @ProfKarolSikora· The peak was around the 8th of April. Since then we have seen a gradual, but steady decline in fatalities. This isn’t blind positivity – the numbers tell the story. It’s been a horrific month, but we have got through the worst of it. Now we need to look to the future.

Professor Sikora directs us to a recent graph presented by David Paton tweeting as @cricketwyvern. He is Professor of Industrial Economics Nottingham University Business School

I may previously have muddled case incidence interchangeably with the lock-down, and right now I may feel less optimistic than Prof Sikora.

Yes, that heaviness, the feeling of dread is retreating even as the wailing rises. Yes, it looks set to improve in weeks rather than months, yes, the lock-down looks like it starts/continues in stages over the coming 2-8 weeks. Collectively we’ll be ‘out of jail June 21- July 21, some of us much sooner, but we’ll need to stay on guard for quite some time to come…I feel that could be next February/March 2021.

We can all see this is a particularly horrible virus, a Frankenstein creation, natural yet unnatural, born out of unimaginable suffering, whatever the chain of provenance between live animals in the Wuhan market, wild and domesticated, and an accident in a nearby lab.

As an instance of a genie let out of a bottle, or a demon, or bad karma, this could hardly be worse, though we’ve seen it before in other places, as with with the horrors of CJD for example after cattle were fed bone-meal…herbivores were fed BONE-MEAL from sheep infected with scrapie and farmers had not been told what was in that feed.

Covid19 has, some might feel, been rather too anthropomorphically characterized as malign and malevolent. It behaves with apparent cunning, determination and subterfuge. As to its sentience, we assume a virus has none, but it demonstrates a drive, it has particular modes, it seems likely that it can mutate, and it has an agenda, the same as we do arising at least in part from consumption of bats which like many rodents, have a truly ancient and for them, largely benign history with coronavirus, and the illegal hunting of endangered species such as tigers and pangolins for food or traditional Chinese ‘medicine.’.

Lords of the Atlas, but it is not ours to rule.

Back to the original question: it still looks as though the situation will be judged sufficiently manageable that the general present lock down is significantly lifting or lifted by or before late June-into July.

Stay safe.

Until next time 🙂

Author: Katie-Ellen

Tarot, runes and cartomancy. Reader, consultant and writer.

2 thoughts on “The Cards say Coronavirus 2-an update”

  1. I wonder if it was an accident that the PM pulled through, or was there an intervention from a subtler degree of being? Now he’s back, and has led a No. 1o briefing, I sense an improvement in the atmosphere, but maybe that’s Beltane.


    1. Who knows? 🙂 I had already decided the PM would pull through, based on the appearance of the Six of Swords, and had committed that to writing already, in cautious terms, but still, I won’t be the only one who lit a candle for him when he went in the ICU (says a floating voter) I detect an 8 week recovery time, and if so he won’t be quite right for a few weeks yet.


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