Cartomancy: Euro 2020/21 Footie and The Line of Five

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The Euros 2020 were supposed to happen last year but were cancelled because of Covid, and are being referred to both as the Euros 2020 or the Euros 2021. As with the Tokyo Olympics, one imagines, a veritable snow capped mountain of merchandise would otherwise go to a terrible and even tragic waste.

I have done quite a few football readings over the years. Not that I follow any particular team, or know much about football. But I take an interest now and then, largely because Il Matrimonio takes a much closer interest, and sometimes asks me what do I reckon, and of course the Euros 202/21 is a red hot potato of recent weeks.

I do significantly better than 50:50 overall with this kind of thing, but definitely nowhere near 100%. I don’t get the scores but in terms of overall team outcomes, I’d say it’s around the 75% mark.

There do not seem to be too many readers or astrologers looking at football. Possibly because they simply don’t follow it. Why would you do readings on it, if you’re not personally interested or invested?

I do it to push myself, for the sake of it, to test it out. This is a very different activity from doing a reading for an individual client where I ‘lock on’ to that person as it were, one to one, and then drill down on questions, discussions or requests for forecasting.

This kind of reading is a one to one communication, allowing for the whole package of social cues, clues and connection, even without empathy and telepathy. And telepathy is a two way thing.

A client who on the one hand wants an answer while at the same time they try to shut you out, to test you, can make it harder to read them, though it won’t stop telepathy, the refusal to validate renders the telepathy useless. Pointless. Most clients however, don’t waste their own valuable time playing games, and bring their own engagement and wherewithal to the reading table, and what emerges then in a spirit of non- verbal communication, as well as perfectly straightforward verbal dialogue, is greater than the sum of the parts.

No-one has asked me to look at this game. Not even Il Matrimonio. He says he can’t stand the noise or tension that is building up. There is no communion, no hand reaching out, palm uppermost, no question, and no answering pull on the rope.

Here are the cards for England’s last 2 games, and the final game tonight.

3 July: England versus Ukraine

I have used playing cards (cartomancy)with just one or two added tarot cards. One of the simplest layouts for a predictive reading in cartomancy is ‘The Line of Five.’

Tweet posted online 3 July 8.26 PM

Playing cards, Eng drew 8 Diamonds before kickoff, Ukraine 4 Diamonds. Both lucky cards. The 8 is hardworking, the 4 suggests ‘chemistry’. In card reading a 8 generally trumps a 4- but things can change fast with Diamonds. England better not slacken pace/attack. Hierophant=Rome.

It may also have been a foreshadowing that ‘Italy awaits you, England.’

Via Conde Nast“Supporters of the Azzuri, as the Italian team is known, are a committed bunch with a flair for the dramatic (think firecrackers and actual flares). They also boast the most historic fan zone—the Circus Maximus in Rome. In 2006, an estimated 200,000 watched Italy win the World Cup in ancient environs, then marched through the city to a symphony of car and vespa horns, dancing fully clothed in the Eternal City’s fountains”.

The Rider-Waite Tarot AE Waite

I drew these cards just a few minutes before kick-off, but the game had been underway for 26 minutes by the time I posted them online.

I had actually drawn a Line of Five cards for each team, but on this occasion I had not photographed them, only summarizing the final card for each team, treating these as the indicators of the likely outcome.

Both teams drew good cards in the outcome position, from the same dynamic suit of Diamonds, and this is where numerology comes in handy. England drew the 8 of Diamonds and this numerically trumped Ukraine’s 4 Diamonds.Had Ukraine drawn the 10 Diamonds, it would have suggested a win for Ukraine, though still depending somewhat on the previous cards.

And since the game was being held in Rome, the appearance of the Hierophant card, also known as ‘The Pope’, read to me as lucky for the England team, since that was where my bias lay, if I had one, and probably I did.

I wouldn’t exactly be upset if England were to lose…I think fans who boo the national anthems of other teams are a total disgrace…mean spirited, disrespectful and chicken. Anyone can act brave, beating their chests, bellowing and booing in a crowd…or a mob.

But, of course I’d be happy to see our team bring home the trophy. But win or lose, for all the skill, discipline, strategy, stamina and personal courage, there is no discounting altogether of the element of luck.

7 July: England v Denmark and The Line of Five

Katie-Ellen H.@TrueTarotTales
· Cartomancy Line of Five re tonight’s game. Each team, 5 cards. England drew +ve Ace Diamonds in position 5 =outcome position. Denmark drew -ve 2 Spades. Yet uneasy based on other cards. Eng also drew 9 Spades- ugh. Eng supporters pray Ace Diamonds and psychic chickens are right.

Top Row England: the reader looks at the overall tone of colours and suits. Three black suit cards of which 1 is a clubs suit card and 2 are spades. 2 red suit cards. If we had 4 or 5 red suit cards here, it would look like a dead cert for England to win. If we had 4-5 black suit cards, irrespective of the individual card meanings, likewise, it would look like a dead cert for England to lose.

Three black suit cards and 2 red suit cards is not reassuring, except that the picture is altered by the final card being such a strong red suit card: The Ace of Diamonds is an ace of the material world, top dog, plus, this card can be lightning fast. It is the suit of earth, and electricity.

The time line read left to right, present to future, suggested a rocky start, but finishing on a high, and the winning goal was a moment of drama.

Bottom Row Denmark’s line has 4 black suit cards and only 1 red suit card. Not promising for them, but this looks like a strong team. The first card,the 5 of Clubs says so, and so does the central card, the 6 of Clubs. But not only did they draw only 1 red suit card, the final card is the 2 of Spades. In every day reading terms this card may signify a split, as in a divorce for example. Here, it was foreshadowing that Denmark, which scored the first goal and did it early, much to the terror of many England supporters, ultimately conceded 2 goals.

Katie-Ellen H.@TrueTarotTales· Ace Diamonds it is. After a LOT of stress coming out of Him Indoors, howls from the other room. Those spades cards =stress, frustration, extra time.

Dignity, grace and noblesse oblige from the Danish Ambassador.

Going high when others had gone low, shame on those who were so unsporting and un-chivalrous as to boo the Denmark national anthem.

Lars Thuesen@DKAmbUK
· Congratulations England. Looking forward to the final. All the best to your great team.

11 July: Euro 2020/21: The Final- England v Italy

First of all, pray tell, what do the psychic chickens say? (this poultry prediction was posted on YouTube 8 July)

The Line of Five: 11 July Euro 202/21 Final: England V Italy

Tweeted 11 July c 3.00 PM @TrueTarotTales Final: left-right: ENG 10 Spades (ugh) 6 Hearts, Jack D, Jack H, 9 D + Ace Hearts ITALY 7 Spades, 8 Hearts, 2 Spades (ouch) Jack S, 3 Hearts+Jack Clubs This pic suggests ENG win but Italy start stronger and (J Spades- assassin) could snatch late victory (Fool= surprises)

Top Row England start with a setback, a bump (or a boo) The 6 Hearts shows a home crowd, home turf, detecting the fact that the venue today is Wembley, and the team has the so-called psychological ‘home team advantage’. The Jacks, which are young people, or new or sudden developments look traditionally ‘English’ despite the demographic makeup of the team. Compare them though with the pages on the bottom row, which funnily enough, look really Italian.

Will England win? The reader looks at the overall look of the Line of 5. How many red suit cards (more red = a yes) How many black suit cards more black =a no) We have four red suit cards, 1 black suit card and an extra card which is also a red suit card. This balance suggests a yes answer, and a win for England, and then I pulled an extra card and got the Ace of Hearts.

‘Oh England, my lion heart,’ sang Kate Bush. ‘Hold the ravens in, keep the Tower from tumbling’. We are heading towards Leo, but not yet awhile, We have only just come out of a Cancer New Moon, just coming out of a shell shadow. Cancer stands for Home turf.

This is not great, it’s going to be tough. Had this match taken place only two days ago, I suspect this England team would be fighting even harder, not only against the Italy team, but against the drag of that extra unseen tide.

From The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

But now we are pulling away from that powerful lunar vacuum, though only just –

The Ace of Hearts means a birth, a ‘home’ a proposal or just good news in general, remembering we drew a red suit Ace of Diamonds for the extra card when we were looking at the Eng v Denmark game.

Bottom Row Italy are the favourites, and if they aren’t, they should be, based on a long run of superbly consistent form. England have not shown anything like such consistency or fluency.

Italy starts with the 7 Spades, a card of diplomacy, craft and cunning. Is this a new strategy of formation, or an early ref intervention?

The Eight of Cups denotes a solid team, players working in natural sympathy with one another. The Two of Spades suggests they come a cropper, perhaps a goal by England round mid match, but then recover somewhat, demonstrating high skill and intelligence (The Page of Swords) The Three of Hearts is the outcome card, weaker than the 9 Diamonds but not discounting the possibility of a very late goal in extra time….that extra card, the Page of Clubs.

But where England’s Line of 5 had 4 red suit cards and 1 black suit card then the extra card was another red, and a strong one, Italy’s Line of 5 here has 2 red suit cards and 3 red suit cards and the extra one is another black, and a solid one.

Is it strong enough, right at the end there, to turn it around for them, assuming they need to turn it around at the last minute?

The extra Tarot card here, The Fool, warns of surprises and this worries me for England, and warns me to be ready to award myself this bad gold badge of failure. But it won’t worry me. One can not learn to do this stuff by book study alone. One has to just hold one’s nose sometimes, and jump in.

‘Do or do not do. There is no try.’ Said Yoda in Star Wars.

Well, OK, but there is no trying except in doing.

But, having invoked the psychic chickens (and I hear a psychic banana has also spoken for England based on its seed pattern upon being cut) We should allow the psychic eagle to speak. Romeo, majestic psychic eagle, what hast thou to declare?

He couldn’t be more laid back. ‘What do I care, he says? Oh, go on, have this then’.

See delighted comments below his prognostication, from hopeful Italian supporters.

If Italy wins, I got beat by the eagle, and I feel no disgrace in that, whereas if England wins, I did as well as the psychic chickens, a psychic banana and Uri Geller.

Nil Desperandum.

Take it easy folks. It’s only a game, after all. Isn’t it? (?)

Until next time 🙂

UPDATE: Italy did it. And many congratulations to them – and the psychic eagle. That mighty Fool card was indeed the clincher at the very last minute.

The Fool card is a game changer wherever it appears and also, at a physical human level represents youth and inexperience, in this case of two of England’s players who took the penalties, all credit to them for trying but how was this a case of ‘best foot forward?’

The hideous 10 Spades on the England timeline (disappointment, ruin, betrayal) did not make sense at first after the very strong start with England’s very early first goal. But on reflection, it is obvious that the Tarot was detecting ahead of time, the disgraceful scenes ahead of the match when fans without tickets forced their way into the game, either not knowing, not caring or both, acting as though the horror of Hillsborough had never happened or Heysel. Read the accounts, identify the common denominator, join the dots.

Here was how they did it, getting in through the disabled access.

Author: Katie-Ellen

Tarot, runes and cartomancy. Reader, consultant and writer.

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