Tsunamis, trials, tribulations and Boris

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

On New Years Eve I posed a very general Tarot reading for 2022 in which several mentions were made of tsunamis and other marine, maritime or water related newsworthy events….. SEE HERE

Plenty more to come.

Mention was also made re Prince Andrew and a lot of other things but events have overtaken the Tarot before I made time to look further at Prince Andrew. The Tarot showed me the Three of Swords Reversed, which means the aftermath of a divorce, or a severance. There is loss, there is grief, and the Queen, in mourning for Philip, has made doubtless personally upsetting decisions, severing the monarchy from the forthcoming civil case which Andrew, Duke of York, will be dealing with ostensibly as a private citizen.

This afternoon, I drew these cards asking, what will happen re Boris Johnson in the light of the ongoing media furore over ‘partygate.’

Clearly, any such gatherings were inappropriate and deeply inadvisable at the time, though there is much to be explained as to the context, as well as questions to be answered in respect of the source of the leak, the motivation and the timing of the leak so many months after the events in question.

Will Boris resign? I don’t know or claim to know anymore than anyone else does, but what are the clues in the cards?

Card 1 The Empress reversed:

This card suggests more than one interpretation

Unwelcome news on a Friday. Why? Because the Empress card correlates with the Norse goddess Freya, and therefore Fridays, and the card has been drawn reversed, suggesting unwelcome news. This makes sense as Boris Johnson’s office has been reported to have made an apology to the Queen (the Empress)on Friday 14 January, over events held at No 10 on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip.

The Empress also correlates with the planet Venus, and we are currently in a Venus retrograde until 29 January. What does Venus represent? Love, money, luxury, social gatherings. What does Venus retrograde represent? Problems to do with all these things plus, old memories, old friends, old lovers coming back to haunt us…or bite us.

Boris Johnson, a person who likes to say yes to people, it seems was asked for permission for these events to be held, and unwisely said yes, thinking no doubt, that it would be good for the morale of the troops. He was thereby making himself a hostage to fortune, not considering how that might look, or how it later might be made to look by his critics or ill wishers…and now, here is the carefully timed involvement of a former colleague and friend, Dominic Cummings, stoking the flames.

Another story-line occurs, which mayor may not be relevant here, is difficulties Boris has had in private in saying no to Carrie (Empress: mother and child)

Angela Merkel is an ‘Empress’ recently departed from office. Leaving the UK somewhat more naked now in the face of rivals or enemies?

The PM lost his own mother last year. Perhaps he was on occasion more distrait than he should have been, and failed to pay the due and proper attention to such requests, as demanded by a very natural public expectation.

The Empress reversed speaks also of Mother Earth, Gaia, COP26, and suggests widespread public cynicism in respects of aspects of Green policy which seem impractical, non affordable or nonsensical to many voters, even those who are keen on doing their bit for the environment.

Also, just by the by, and not at all related to the conversation in hand, but this is typical of working with Tarot, today I am The Empress reversed. I had my first child on this date, 36 year ago today, and have had a few concerns lately in respect of her health and well-being.

Card 2:The Eight of Swords

This card is about blockages and entrapment, hostage situations, being unable to see the way out. There is frustration here and a sense of entrapment and helplessness. How best to out manoeuvre whoever is behind the leaks (and this has a planned manouevre, and has not been the action of some anxious, well meaning junior civil servant, anxious to salve his or her conscience) How to move forward without throwing certain people under the bus?

I have come to associate this card with plumbing….based lots of previous reading history for clients. Carrie may want to do something about the bathroom in the flat at Number 11 where PMs have lived since Tony Blair. Or the whole building may have plumbing issues…we know it has ‘leaks,’ but the Tarot doesn’t only talk in metaphors. It will gladly will talk about toilets, if necessary.

No 10 is a big place. But whatever the state of the plumbing, it is fitting that No 10 and the flat at No 11 should be kept in good order and condition. It is not the personal property of the PM. It is not Carrie Johnson’s home. It is where they must live, like it or not, and it is the nation’s property. They can’t take the wallpaper with them when they go.

Card 3: The Nine of Cups reversed

The Nine of Cups in general means wishes granted. More specifically it means socializing hospitality, as in the hospitality industry, and celebration. This is the card of wine, women and song. The card is upside down, possibly because these occasions are in the past and were convivial but not celebratory, ‘bring your own booze.’

Card 4: The Seven of Cups reversed

This dreamy, Neptunian card indicates that Boris has considered a number of options, but indicates no decision to resign as yet. The hostility of M Macron, whether to the PM personally, or to post Brexit UK, is one factor. It was already expected there would be new effects felt here swiftly attendant upon M Macron becoming President of the EU 2022 and with an election year looming. He became EU President 1 January.

This furore, from the POV of say, M Macron, could prove timely grist to the mill of nobbling UK options in terms of the NI Protocol. Invoking Article 16. This, Boris has thus far, to the frustration of others, including not only in his own party who see it as an increasingly urgent necessity, been desperately keen NOT to do.

In terms of timing, the Seven of Cups correlates with Scorpio late October-late November, so that if the PM resigns, it may be later in the year, when he judges it safer to do so. This day dreaming card suggests that at times he indeed may feel tempted to resign, and who wouldn’t understand that feeling. But that he feels it cannot be now, unless and until his hand is absolutely forced, and it is no longer his own decision.

Card 5: The Hermit

The Hermit walks quietly, marks out a path, shines a light on ahead. The Hermit is Virgo. The Hermit is the Sixth House of public health. The PM inherited a public health challenge not of the UK’s making…a poisoned chalice, with no clear road map, damned if does ABC, damned if he doesn’t, like all the other leaders of the western democracies.

On a personal level, this is a card of withdrawal, a need for quiet time. Go for a walk in the park.

In this sense yes, The Hermit clearly could indicate someone moving away to somewhere quiet. Or again, looking at the timing, it could indicate key developments around the PM later in the year, late summer, correlating with Virgo.

It doesn’t look like a classic picture of NOW or SOON. It looks more like older, sadder, wiser.

Card 6: The Knight of Wands reversed

This is a card of sudden arrivals and departures. It is a card of news, noise, overseas business and long distance travel, but here, drawn reversed, there are problems or delays. In respect of the PM’s current predicament it says this is a major setback but that nothing must be done in haste.

This is a card of attack, full of thunder and fury.

This card also means volcanic eruptions. The Tarot reflects, detects and projects. Here it is reflecting the underwater volcanic eruption near Tonga, and the following tsunami. There will almost certainly be further such events in 2020, and in themselves, they are not rare, but we are talking major events.

The Knight of Wands reversed, drawn blindly and at random is also reflecting back at me the first news of the day, the deportation of Novak Djokovic from Australia.


I have posted the pic again, to save us scrolling all the way back up.

I laid out 2 rows of 3 haemetite runes, looking for a sense of where the current situation is developing in respect of the calls for the resignation of the PM over ‘partygate.’ The runes are primal where the Tarot is a picture book.

Row 1 reading left to right

Ehwaz merkstave – Jera -Sowilo

A Horse bur drawn reversed…Boris ‘fell off his horse’. On at least one of the occasions, he was out or away. Ehwaz means a car or any vehicle.

Jera, harvest, he reaps a whirlwind. Possibly, goes late summer/autumn

Sowilo, healing, success,summer. He seems likely to carry on at least until the summer.

Row 2 reading left to right

Eiwaz- Ansuz-Gyfu

Eiwaz the Yew…suppleness, evergreen, resurrection, well what does that suggest?

Ansuz, answers, good advice, helpful new information comes to light, Odin,Wednesday. If Boris does decide to go, we should hear very soon, and readers can and do get it wrong, but it’s not really looking that way. Nor do I see him forced out by his party, for all the furious attacks of the Knight of Wands reversed.

Gyfu, a gift, an agreement, a contract between equals. Parliament and the People are equals. The contract must not only be honoured, but it must be seen to be honoured. If the rune had turned up merkstave, upside down, then that tome would suggest a contract cancelled.

The PM messed up. To what extent he is personally culpable, we don’t fully know. But the media are not the same thing as the vox pop, we’ve learned in recent years. And now, today, Nadine Dorries has announced plans to freeze the BBC licence fee with an expectation that it may be scrapped in 2027. I was not aware of this while reading my cards this afternoon, but no doubt she now too qualifies for some as the Empress reversed. Perhaps the BBC will also be also reckoning with that same harvest rune, Jera, though not on account of this current storm, though possibly now expedited.

All in all, it looks here as though Boris Johnson continues in post as PM.

BIAS I am a floating voter, blue and pink. I have in the past voted both Labour and Conservative based on issues at the time. A few spots of dark blue and red, dark green, a dot of lemon yellow and can I have some magenta please. No? Not on offer. I mention this because it has to be recognised that any reader. while trying to access the collective supra-personal via divination, has feet of clay. Fail and fallible with their own biases and blind spots if they are not careful. To indulge these, or indulge in wishful thinking when interpreting the cards is to fail in honesty, and this is to fail the oracular mind. The oracle is supra personal. It is not about us as individuals.

Meanwhile, Venus the goddess and planet of parties stays retrograde until the 29 January. She is not all sweetness and light. Oh no. If Boris does not resign before 29 January or say 3 Feb when Mercury stations direct, then he has probably weathered this storm. There are high profile astrologers say he will go. Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Photo by Andru00e1s Du00e9nes on Pexels.com

Tomorrow, Monday 17 January is the first full moon of the year…the Wolf Moon of what the Anglo Saxons called Wulf-Monath. This one is taking place in the sky territory of Cancer, queen of hearth and home, creature comforts and sometimes moody blues.

A Hunter’s moon. Hark at the pack in full cry…..

From the Gilded Tarot, artwork by Ciro Marchetti

These are dangerous times. What is at stake? The nation state.

Take care till next time 🙂

Author: Katie-Ellen

Tarot, runes and cartomancy. Reader, consultant and writer.

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