The Star card, the magic of 11, a teeny oracular epiphany and a smidge of soccer sorcery

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Tweeted today 6 January 2022

Last night, trying out a brand new deck #Astrology Reading Cards, hub said what do you think, Chelsea or Spurs to win tonight? I had no opinion. But blindly drew 11th House card for Chelsea THREE times in a row. LUCKY omen. For Spurs drew 1, 2 and 9 Houses. Chelsea won: 2-0

Tarot is not the same as astrology. It is a different discipline, but it contains a lot of embedded astrology, and then this oracle deck caught my eye and I decided to send off for it, though I don’t tend to use oracle in general; finding them somewhat TOO generic.

This one had a structure. I had just taken it out of its box when Il Matrimonio sauntered in, wondering what did I think? Would Chelsea win tonight or would it be Tottenham Hotspur?

What did I think? Well, I didn’t think anything. Once in a while I have had a feeling one way or another. There was one occasion which Il Matrimonio remembers as, thanks to him spragging on me, the story ended up in a local newspaper.

Another time I was cooking, standing at the stove stirring something in the pan and Il Matrimonio came down from watching the box upstairs to say it was half time, and did I think Team X would win. I held out my left arm and repeating the question, asking aloud, felt a tingle run down my arm and said yes, I thought they would, and they did. But I am not very good at relaxing and trusting myself. or maybe I could do it that way more often. It is an approach that relies on NOT THINKING.

Trust to the knowledge held in the body, in the central nervous system.

Last night, re Chelsea v Spurs, no, I didn’t have any feeling about it. Nor did Il Matrimonio actually. He is a bit of a data fiend. Loves puzzles,jigsaw, has recently latched on to sudoku. His interest in football runs along these kinds of lines rather than tribal lines, and his allegiances are variable, though he does get emotional, watching people getting it all wrong on the pitch, and having stupid hairstyles, as for certain pundits, don’t get him started.

What I did was pull 6 blind cards from my new oracle deck of 36 cards: 3 cards for Chelsea and 3 cards for Tottenham Hotspur.

The deck is simple to use, and has three sub sets:12 Planetary cards, 12 Zodiac sign cards and 12 House cards. Ask a question, pull any card, or ask a question, and pull one planetary card, one zodiac sign card and one House card

I asked about each team in turn, just pulled a single card at random, and repeated till I had done it 3 times for each team.

Very oddly, I pulled the same single card for Chelsea 3 times on the trot, and this was the card of The 11th House.

The Houses of the Zodiac denote different life departments if you will. In astrology this correlates with the spirit of the zodiac sign of Aquarius and this is not considered a sporting house in particular. What it is, is cerebral, technological, communal, humanitarian.

But one of the keywords on this card is LUCK. In the Tarot it correlates with the Star card: Aquarius, Hope, Vision, Inspiration. Classical astrologers called the 11th House “Bona Fortuna” (“Good Fortune”) and the “House of Good Spirit.” 

Aquarius from the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot

Wishing on a Star.

Wishes granted.

For Tottenham Hotspur I drew the First House card (The Self) and the Second House Card (assets) and the Ninth House card…which is an excellent House for sporting achievement and teamwork as well as travel.

Not negative cards in this context, not at all. Just lacking that almost magical consistency of the triple appearance of the so-called Master Number 11 shown here at 10 0 clock in the photo.

More about the Number Eleven HERE

I said to Il Matrimonio, well, this is peculiar. I have just pulled the same card three times in a row for Chelsea, and it’s a card of wishes granted, so won’t it be interesting if they go on to win? Which, as tweeted, they duly went on to do with a score of 2-0.

I do this kind of thing simply for practice. And Il Matrimonio does not go running off forthwith to the betting shop. He simply asks, notes, and then forgets what I said and asks me again, though he did once decide to go to a footie match pretty much last minute, when he wouldn’t have gone had I not said his team looked very likely to win.

Here was the thing. His old home town team of Dover was coming all the way up to play Fleetwood…a tricky conflict of allegiances. It was cold. It had been snowing. But he went, and stood with the away supporters, 12 of them who had come up in a minibus all that way, and happily (for him at least) Dover won, because he had told the Dover supporters what his wife had said, that Dover seemed the more likely team to win that night. They were intrigued and hopeful. One of them said, laughing, ‘well, that’ll do for me.’ But he took a small social risk telling them something like this up front (this was the story that ended up in a local newspaper)

No reader gets it right all the time…Dover could have lost and then …egg on the face…blackballed from the club, dear boy. (I can hear him now in the other room telling the cat to ‘eff off!’ This puddy cat is totally a Daddy’s girl. But she is in temporary disgrace after she clawed him on the arm earlier this evening, and drew blood. She doesn’t remember this, or if she does, she wants to be forgiven and allowed back up on his lap. But no, he is too busy deleting spam from some bounder, trying to infiltrate an online maritime history group.)

In summary, I am looking forward to getting to know this simple but rather spectacular astrology oracle card deck. Based upon this very first experience, it clearly portends spooky numinous potential, with that minor triple number 11 epiphany of cartomancy.

You do not need to know a thing about Tarot to be able to use this deck straightaway. Nor astrology, though obviously it could well add value. There is a book that comes with it. I read it last night, the instructions are simple, there is nothing to learn, your instinct does the lifting, and very likely you will hit the ground running.

Back soon. Till next time 🙂

Author: Katie-Ellen

Tarot, runes and cartomancy. Reader, consultant and writer.

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