Runecast for February 2022

Whoops…I did this rune reading and wrote it up 21 January but then forgot all about it.

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This reading was of necessity very general. In a personal reading, the reader will investigate a stated issue to get at specifics and offer relevant suggestions.

What we were looking for here was simply a feel for any collective events or dynamics affecting us in February. We were looking at the tone, and looking for the advice buried within the runes.

We are still only in mid-February but we can now get something of whatever benefit of hindsight there is here, in respect of this casting performed 21 January.

First Impressions

“We have here five upright runes and there is one rune (Uruz) that has been drawn upside down (merkstave) We have four runes that are positive in meaning and two that are potentially challenging (Thurisaz and Uruz merkstave.)

Uruz merkstave denotes things happening around us that we are stuck with for now, as they do not fall under our personal control. Thurisaz represents a challenge.

Thurisaz, meaning Thorn, represents defence or attack, and combined with Uruz merkstave this seems to be referring to theatres of aggression; namely, the massing of military forces on both sides of the eastern Ukraine border, and Russian forces also on the other side of the northern border.  

These are worrying times but the runes do not clearly indicate any actual invasion during February. Why not? The reader looks to see which runes are absent. We do not have the victory rune Tiwaz, denoting attack, named after Tyr, the Norse god of war who gives his name to Tuesday. (Whereas In French, Mardi is the Roman god of war, Mars.)

Nor do we have Hagall, the rune denoting a blow like a hailstorm (air artillery, for instance.)

Perthro, the advice rune sitting in the near future position, means secrets but also sanctuary. A stand off and a stalemate is looking more likely for the duration of February, with lots of noise.

We’ve got plenty of trouble all the same in February, mostly way beyond our personal control. That top rune Thurisaz is reflecting the current protests in Brussels, Canada and other places against covid restrictions, and these events seem likely therefore to continue into February.

The theme for this coming month is control, and the challenge of making decisions, both collective and individual in the face of unknowable or unpredictable factors (eg world politics, or covid) (Ansuz- the wisdom rune.)

Rune 1: Ansuz

Meanings: Teacher, mentor, Wisdom, wise advice, guidance, knowledge, information, broadcasting public speaking, writing

This rune stands for recent events and issues, and it is a curious coincidence that just as I am writing this I have learned via the television of the death of a Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Nhat Hanh, known as Thay to his followers, who has died 95.

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is a global spiritual leader, poet and peace activist, revered around the world for his pioneering teachings on mindfulness, global ethics and peace.

Our own life has to be our message –Thich Nhat Hanh  –

What is the connection to this rune? This was a person whose experience and teachings have been hugely influential upon a generation of politicians, social activists, teachers, counsellors, health and fitness practitioners (meditation, yoga, etc.) and has driven an entire publishing market in the area of ‘Mindfulness’.

The rune Ansuz represents the mouth. Another name for it is OS, similar to the Latin word root for the modern words oral, oracle and oratory. We get the modern English word ‘answer’ from this rune. It stands for the power of the word, spoken and written.  

Ansuz is saying there has been a huge lot of noise in the mainstream media in recent weeks. And, indeed there has in the UK, even more than usual in the past two years.

Can Boris Johnson survive ‘partygate’ as PM? These runes suggest that yes, he is weakened (Uruz Merkstave) But he could still survive in post at least a while longer, based on the central rune Gyfu meaning goodwill and contract. He is still far more widely and better liked by the public than media coverage would suggest, whatever have been the errors of judgment notwithstanding. Some high profile UK astrologers do not think so, however, and have suggested his departure is practically guaranteed in 2022, though they differ on the timing and as ever, only time will tell.

One thing has been clear since 2016, and was proven at the ballot box. What the media say the public think, and what the general public really think are often not the same thing.

On a personal level, this rune is good news if you are preparing to sit an exam. Making a proper effort of preparation is almost guaranteed to pay off.  You may discover a new course of training or an apprenticeship, or you may seek and receive helpful advice from a person older or more experienced than yourself.

The appearance of Ansuz is usually excellent news if you have an interview or audition coming up, or you are delivering a speech or public presentation of any kind in February.

Rune 2: Gyfu  

Meanings: Gifts, exchanges, partnerships, marriages, contracts, agreements, alliances

We get the modern English word ‘gift’ from this rune. It may therefore be talking literally, indicating that some actual gift is coming our way this month, or this may take the form of some kindly gesture or assistance. Or we may be signing up for a new partnership, agreement or contract.

This positive rune is sitting in the central position of the reading, reflecting where we are at now, or what to focus on at this present time. This rune cannot be reversed so it is always good news, unless it is surrounded by challenging runes. Here, there’s a mixture, but overall it is more positive than negative for personal and working relationships this month.

The worst case scenario is that we are dealing with a problem of an emotional nature. If so, the best approach is to take deep breath, consider words carefully, as with the previous rune Ansuz, and we may need some further information or advice before deciding on the best response.

Gyfu usually refers to a partnership either in business or in love, and can often indicate that a greater commitment is coming down the line. Here the rune may be picking up on the fact of St Valentine’s Day on the 14th.

When we have been tired and stressed, this positive rune suggests we get a bit of a break. There is a lift in mood, and we can look forward to some much needed relief and respite.

Rune 3: Laguz

Meanings: Water/Flow/Instinct/Intuition

The Tonga tsunami occurred 15 January. The repercussions continue and seem set to continue for some while to come. Ask Astrology has made more than one mention of tsunamis in 2022. In last month’s runecast, Ask Astrology noted the appearance of the Laguz rune, drawn upside down or merkstave.

Laguz is water and water is vital for life but when the rune goes upside down or merkstave we are talking about troubled waters.

Here we have drawn it for a second time. We are sailing troubled waters globally, and there may be high rainfall and flooding in parts of the world this February, as with Peru most lately. Sadly this is not rare this time of year, but this month the rune has been drawn the right way up, with a more positive message.

Laguz says to trust your intuition this month especially in dealings with others. This rune may be detecting your psychic abilities, or you may have a powerful dream warning you away from someone or warning you against an undesirable situation.

Laguz is the principle feminine rune and usually refers to a female enquirer or subject of discussion. For a female reader, this rune is assuring you that you are equal to any challenges this month. Trust in your feelings. For a male reader, the appearance of this rune at the centre of the spread advises of a strong and supportive woman in your life, whom you should talk to.

Laguz shows the turning of a tide, either in our favour or against us. This month, a tide may start to turn in our favour.

Rune 4: Thurisaz

Meanings: Thorn: Defence, Attack, Studies

This rune is reflecting current issues, and also talking about what might help us this coming month or what might work against us. It has strong associations with protection and defence.

This rune is associated with thunder, and the Hammer of the thunder god Thor. It may be detecting extreme weather events this month, even though they may be short lived.  It has strong associations with protection and defence.

One magical use of this rune is to visualize ourselves surrounded by a thorny hedge. No one can get near you that you do not want to. Now and then attack can be the best form of defence but in general, the runes are advising that something to avoid this month is unnecessary or  pointless confrontations, and to avoid people operating with the attitude of ‘I am right and you are wrong.’

There is nothing wrong with defending our security and our personal boundaries. Often it is the only sensible thing to do.

Rune 5: Uruz merkstave

Meanings: Strength, power, loss of strength, lack of strength, ill health

This rune represents the stuff we are dealing with right now, that is outside our own control or power to fix. This is what we are stuck with for the time being. would seem to be a clear reference to the on-going covid situation, even though within the UK and parts of Europe restrictions are due to start lifting, cases are rising in other places, although not as steeply as last year.

Historically, for reasons that are everything to do with microbiology and behaviours, and nothing to do with politics or plots, pandemics have tended to last about four years and we are now in year 3.

The runes have no direct connection with astrology, but the auroch was a wild ox. Uruz is a cattle rune, and I tend to associate this rune with western astrology and the zodiac sign of Taurus; ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty and money. Discussions around the cost of living and specifically the costs of energy and power will feature large in the news this month. 

In view of recent dire warnings of price hikes coming soon, we may decide to sign up to pay fixed rates for gas or electricity this month- but we really do need to check the small print. Do we need or want the other things that might be included in the energy provider’s bundle?

In Summary

Rune 6: Advice: Perthro

Meanings: sanctuary, gambling, initiation, secrets, discoveries

We drew this same rune last month in the January Runecast which was performed 21 December 2021.  This repetition is not surprising given that with major situations, timescales may extend over many months or even years.

Perthro is a mystery rune dealing with things hidden, secrets that may come to light this month. This is not necessarily ominous or unwelcome news, but may come as a surprise all the same. If you have shared a secret with someone else, they might not keep it secret. Be careful who you take into your confidence,

Paired with Gyfu, Perthro can mean a welcome surprise. In terms of romance, this rune paired with two other runes in this spread, Laguz and Gyfu can mean a powerful sexual attraction. But Perthro warns us to watch our step, for our own well-being. This is powerful stuff but more than this is needed if we want a relationship to flourish or develop in a safe, secure and meaningful way.

Perthro represents sanctuary. What and where for us, represents our own personal sanctuary? Is it at home? Is it with other people? Is it doing something we love that takes our mind away from worry? Is it switching off the news when it gets too much?

Some rune scholars think this rune is supposed to show a dice cup- meaning a cup once used for drawing lots in gambling games or throwing dice. As such, we may take a bit of a gamble this year, and it pays off. This gamble however, still depends on us doing our research beforehand (Ansuz.)

We need to limit the risk. New information comes to light this month and it could be very useful or important.

But there is plenty in this rune cast that is positive, suggesting a flow of new ideas, learning, inspiration, wise advice, and scope for new opportunities this month, whether professional or personal or both. “

Best wishes until next time.

To discover your personal ‘birth runes’ – your ‘heroic destiny or potential’

Suggested Further Reading

The New Book of Runes  by Ralph Blum

Futhark. A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson.

The Runes: A practical Guide to their uses in divination and Magick by Lisa Peschel, published Llewellyn

Author: Katie-Ellen

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