She loves him, she loves him not. The Hermit & The Ace of Pentacles



A sample reading demonstrating these cards in action.

Anonymous Question on Quora: Can Anyone Help, Please?

The person’s question was ‘Is My Boyfriend a sociopath?’ I drew The Ace of Pentacles.

Their Second question was “Will I ever get pregnant?” I drew Ace of Pentacles again.

Their Third question was “Is my bf being truthful to me?” I drew The Hermit.


The Ace of Pentacles, The Gilded Tarot, Ciro MarchettiHermit Gilded

Images from The Gilded Tarot  by kind permission of Ciro Marchetti

My Response

These are loaded questions with much anxiety attached, no one likes to bear discouraging news but this is the risk you run in consulting with oracles, while sometimes, in reading for ourselves we may too close to the question to easily see the wood for the trees.

Based solely on these cards,  no further cards drawn; I sense this man is not a sociopath. He seems a quiet person. How kind or loving a person he is, or how good under pressure I can’t assess based on these cards alone. He’s probably good with animals, at least. Whether he is truthful, and why is this off- subject…it would seem very much to the point,  a card from the suit of Pentacles is not generally indicative of deceit.  A card from this suit can be an indication of someone who may be aloof, mean, miserly, grumpy, greedy or selfish at times, but it is not associated with deceit or active malice or cruelty. He may, fairly or unfairly, tell the odd lie to safeguard his space, if he feels pushed. He may stay, given enough space and thinking time; but pushing will not help; the question not asked would seem to be; do you want to keep him, and why?

The Hermit clearly suggests it may be wise to take time out, let go of him, let him go his own way, and see what he then does or does not do, and see what you then do or do not do.  At the very least, have a short change of scene, go somewhere quiet, a walk in the park.  There seems to be a substantial money issue between you; whether this is out in the open or not, with one or the other of you possibly not grasping a basic nettle;  a financial nettle.

The Ace of Pentacles suggest there will very likely be a child at some future time while The Hermit warns you against pregnancy at this time, and certainly in these circumstances. You are clearly warned here not to set or fall into a trap, forcing any issue between you. If he isn’t forthcoming, won’t meet you half way, it may be that he doesn’t want the same things you want, at least, not at this time. If he says that he doesn’t, believe him. If he is withdrawn, there is some problem.

Your questions do not bode well for your confident future together. What is coming across is your doubt and mistrust. He may be a sociopath, he may be a liar, you suggest. Why do you want him?  The Ace of Pentacles suggests not only a money issue but perhaps an age or maturity issue, especially in conjunction with the Hermit.  Maybe a change in job would be help one way or the other, keeping together or parting company. The Ace often signifies a new job, sometimes a new home.  I sense you will have the home you wish for one day, but you may need to walk alone awhile between now and that time, and if so, it will be all to the good.

I hope there is something here that you can use for the best.

The cover image for this post is the Three of Cups from the Gilded Tarot by kind permission of Ciro Marchetti. It signifies rejoicing, parties, friendships and news of weddings and births.


Until next time 🙂

About Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Tarot Reader, Consultant & Writer in Lancashire, UK. Not fortune telling. Advisory readings with a focus on specifics and with forecasts as appropriate.
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