Answer to Question: Do I Believe in Reincarnation?

I have a Tarot chat page on FB. Tarot Pathways. Occasionally I offer free readings there on a Friday afternoon. Yesterday someone asked, not for a reading, but did I believe in reincarnation?

yew gutenberg

The Yew: symbol of resurrection.  Its branches grow down into the ground to form new stems, which then rise up around the old central growth as separate but linked trunks. After a time, they cannot be distinguished from the original tree.

My perception is that it is possible for it to be true. I experienced a strange impression one day cooking the tea. For a moment I was at a stove in a different kitchen, sparse, dark, above a courtyard, sunlight coming in at the open door from which a flight of steep, narrow steps led down to the courtyard, and I was wondering where Pietro had got to. The name of the present Il Matrimonio, Mr Hissy, is Don. (He’s being good, just slithered in with a cup of coffee being much pleased with his little box of Valentine’s chocs)

I don’t personally welcome the idea of doing everything again, exactly. But I am pretty sure whatever happens, it won’t be my choice, Life works in mysterious ways. I strongly sense we go on in some form; are not extinguished at the time of bodily death, even if we are shocked by it into sleep for a while. We understand very little still of what the mind IS, it isn’t just the brain, and so I can just about perceive we may eventually also return in some form. Life goes on and we may live on in some way , ‘returning’ in a descendent who looks like us, or shares certain very particular qualities. Perhaps reincarnation is race memory at work. Perhaps it is the ultimate expression of ancestry.

Do we come back as our evolving selves as the Buddhists think? I’m not someone who’s going to rule it out. There have been some extremely strange, compelling and quite convincing stories.  


Some people may return quicker than others depending on their need. A very sad reading I once did was for a lady whose brother had died, had in fact killed himself. Her question, which I received by email was, where was he now, how was he, now, and I drew the Sun card as shown below, from The Gilded Tarot, by kind permission of Ciro Marchetti.


Tarot Pathways's photo.

This is a card of life and joy and of childhood. The drawing of this card suggested that he was like a child again, that he didn’t remember his death, not at all, or the grief that drove him to it, and that he may even return again. Very soon in fact. I sensed news of a coming birth. Bizarre as it might have seemed, I go with the flow in readings, and I wondered if it might even be him, coming back for a fresh go. A few days later I heard back from the lady, very excited, she had just learned her sister was expecting a baby. She might, she said, be her lost brother’s auntie this time. These are mysteries so great I for one, just wonder, but this had me as they say, gob-smacked.

Until next time 🙂

About Katie-Ellen Hazeldine

Tarot Reader, Consultant & Writer in Lancashire, UK. Not fortune telling. Advisory readings with a focus on specifics and with forecasts as appropriate.
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