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The Well of Wyrd

My readings include forecasts not predictions. What’s the difference? Mainly presentation. Otherwise, very little. Forecasts are associated with technically based weather and economic predicting, nowadays largely based upon the interpretation of masses of computerised data, plus educated guesswork. A prediction … Continue reading

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Bolt From The Blue

A post written in 2015. Still stands. Will always stand. Someone asked me once, what did the Tarot say about Usain Bolt and what was happening to him and in him when he ran? And he’s just done it again. … Continue reading

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Zero Intolerance: Don’t Fool With The Fool

When I draw The Fool card in a reading, the Major Arcana card numbered Zero, or in some decks numbered 22, it may classically signify good news; a birth, a welcome opportunity, a fresh start of any significant kind. I … Continue reading

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Tarot Travel Timing

Il Matrimonio dreaded the schlepp from Lytham to Dover one Wednesday afternoon. He particularly dreaded the return journey on Thursday evening much as he loves and worships his car. I call her Black Betty. Skip if you don’t like this rock … Continue reading

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Which Way Home?

‘The hunger for meaning and purpose is nothing less than the human homing instinct — the Fourth Instinct — at work.  But in the tangled maze of history, we have been sidetracked; in the long journey home, we forgot our … Continue reading

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Tarot For Travel. Off We Go! Or Do We?

I have found that the Tarot‘s predictive abilities will help with travel plans, and I’ve made use of this when booking holidays etc. This was how I first discovered the potential. Planning to drive from Lancashire to Tewkesbury one Saturday,  a  … Continue reading

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3-Rune ‘Day Ahead’ Reading

I use the Tarot as my chief means of divination, but there are other tools and ways of accessing the unconscious mind and one of these is to use Runes, an entire subject in its own right. Here’s a 3 rune … Continue reading

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